Monster is the 234th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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As everyone watches Tsuna trying to stop the monster from attacking him, they notice Tsuna's opened Box Weapon and concludes that the thing came from it. Tsuna tells his friends to stay back and he begins to fight with the thing. The beast begins to overpower Tsuna and slams him to the wall while the others watch from the side. Gokudera tries to use his Box Weapon but is stopped by Basil who tells him that he may damages Tsuna's Box Weapon due to the destruction characteristics of the Storm Box. Basil then uses his Box Weapon which turns out to be a Dolphin that begins to use its abilities to tranquilize Tsuna's Box Weapon. However, it didn't work and the beast begins to attack Basil's Box weapon too. Yamamoto comes to Basil's aid with his Box weapon and the two is able to calm down the beast. As the beast disappears, everyone goes to Tsuna's side and discovers that the beast was really Tsuna's Box Weapon. Basil is confused while Gokudera blames Shoichi Irie for giving Tsuna a fake. Just then, Future Dino arrives and reveals that it was Tsuna's fault since Sky Boxes are very delicate and warns him that the next time he opens his box, it will be ruined for good...

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