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Mom's Day of Thanks is the 73rd episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis Edit

Reborn holds a special Vongola party for Tsuna's mom. They have a competition where they compete to impress his mom.

Manga & Anime Differences Edit

  • This episode is a combination of the manga chapters Birthday and The Tanabata Contest.
  • In the anime, the party was created for Nana Sawada, while in the manga the party was meant to celebrate Reborn's birthday.
  • In the anime, Bianchi acts as the judge of the contest, while in the manga it was Haru.
  • Kyoko, Hana, Futa, Hibari, and Dino appear in this episode, despite none of them appearing in the Birthday and The Tanabata Contest chapters.
  • In the anime, Reborn wins the contest for hosting such a great party, while in both chapters of the manga the winners are Tsuna and Gokudera .
  • In the anime, Tsuna is able to quickly recover from the sword and box magic trick, while in the manga he doesn't and has to spend the following day, his birthday, in the hospital.

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