Misunderstandings is the 293rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Enma sits in the factory site waiting to see if Tsuna will arrive. However, Adelheid Suzuki arrives and tells him that Tsuna went to school and ignored his letter, reflecting the Vongola's true colors. She then reminds him that the Simon Famiglia must make the Inheritance Ceremony a success, as it is the only way to bring back their Family's honor and power. Enma replies by saying that he knows.

Meanwhile at school, the Vongola Guardians and the Simon Family continues to guard Tsuna, confusing the other students. As Tsuna walks through the school corridors, Reborn reappears to tell him that it is the day for him to make his decision and that they will go to the Ninth after school. Meanwhile, at Kokuyo Street, Julie Kato finally introduces himself to Chrome Dokuro and asks her out on a date and to run away with him after the ceremony but Chrome politely refuses and leaves.

Later that day, Tsuna meets with Vongola Nono to talk again about Tsuna's position as Vongola Decimo. Tsuna tells Timoteo that he has chosen to decline the offer to become the next Vongola Boss, citing that he doesn't want to put his friends in any more dangerous situations. Timoteo said that he understood Tsuna's decision.

Elsewhere, Yamamoto and Kaoru finished their baseball practice and head to the locker room to prepare their things. While there, Kaoru drops a paper-wrapped ring. Yamamoto notices it and, picking it up, compares it to his own Animal Ring. Kaoru snatches the Ring away from Yamamoto, but the paper it was wrapped in falls to the floor, revealing the Vongola Crest crossed-out with the word "delitto," Italian for "sin," written across it. Yamamoto laughs this off, joking that it meant "overthrow the Vongola". Suddenly, Kaoru attacks Yamamoto, severely injuring him, and leaves the locker room. Yamamoto, barely conscious, desperately calls out for Tsuna...

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