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A Mist Flame is one of the types of attributes of the Dying Will Flames of the Sky.


Like Sky Flames, there are two types of Mist Flames. Soft Mist Flames do not have a core and are indigo with lighter tones going to almost white the closer it is to the source. Hard Mist flames also do not have a core and are dark indigo with gray particles.


Creating from nothing into something, turning something into nothing; bewildering the enemy, so making the famiglia untouchable.

Reborn on the position of Mist Guardian, Chapter 114, episode 51

The Mist Flames characteristic, Construction, makes it optimal to be used in conjunction with illusions. It can be used to create real illusions, easily fooling the senses. The created real illusions can be used for either escaping or rendering the opponent vulnerable for an attack. Stronger illusions can also affect bodily functions, such as Chrome Dokuro surviving through Mukuro's illusionary organs.

Mist flames generally possess a relatively weak density level, and, consequentially, a weak offensive power. Softer Mist Flames are easier to use and control in activation rate and effectivity. Hard Mist Flames are of a greater level of density, resulting in a darker, foggier, stronger, and more compact appearance.[citation needed] All illusionists seem to have access to both types of these Flames.


Mist Flame Users

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