Misfortune is the 277th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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With Tsuna defeated, Byakuran laughs at Reborn for thinking that Tsuna was the one that would defeat him. Reborn believes in his student, saying that he had no other choice than defeat Byakuran. Byakuran sees this as a pep talk and merely laughs but Reborn ignores him and addresses Tsuna, saying that Uni was sacrificing her own life in order to revive the Arcobaleno and for them be able to return to a peaceful past. Uni is surprised that Reborn knows of her plan but Reborn reveals that she is just like her grandmother, Luce.

Hearing about Uni's plan, Byakuran approaches her to stop her when Tsuna recovers and says to Byakuran that he will not hand Uni over to him and reveals that what happened in the future is now a precious part of his life. Byakuran laughs at this idea and attacks Tsuna with a White Dragon that pierces his heart. Byakuran thinks that he killed Tsuna but is surprised to see him stand again. Tsuna is saved by the ring that Lancia gave him after their defeat of the Varia ten years ago. Seeing this and remembering the friends who support and love him, Tsuna is able to rekindle his flame. Byakuran is stil confident that he will win when the guardian's rings begins to glow and project the images of the first generation guardians who encourages their successors, much to Byakuran's surprise. Tsuna's ring begins to glow too and Giotto communicates with Tsuna, saying that he agrees with his thoughts and offers to free him from the shackles...

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