Mind Control is the 74th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto are surprised that Hibari was able to tame Birds' bird. Ken tells Chikusa to stand back and uses his Lion Channel to fight Hibari. The two then charges at each other but Hibari is able to send Ken flying with his tonfas. Chikusa shouts the name of his defeated comrade but gets ready to face Hibari himself.

Meanwhile, Tsuna and Reborn are tending to the wounded Bianchi and Tsuna asks Futa why he did that. However, Futa did not answer and begins to attack Tsuna. Tsuna dodges and tries to tell Futa to put the knife down but Reborn tells him that his mind is being controlled. As Tsuna dodges Futa's attacks, Reborn gives him Dino's whip. Tsuna is reluctant to hit Futa and heads to Mukuro Rokudo to break the mind control. However, Tsuna isn't able to control the whip and accidentally attacks himself and trips. Mukuro laughs at Tsuna and tells him to watch his back. Tsuna looks behind him and sees Futa entangled by the whip too. Futa is trying to grab the knife that fell to the floor but Tsuna is able to throw it out of his reach. Tsuna then notices that Futa's eyes are similar to Lancia's and realizes that Futa doesn't know what he's doing. Futa manages to get hold of the knife and is about to stab Tsua who tells him that it's not his fault. Futa stops at this and Mukuro is surprised by what Tsuna is doing. Tsuna is able to break the mind control over Futa, who collapses.

Mukuro watches as Tsuna tries to tend to Futa and begins to explain how he used Futa as a way to flush out Tsuna and his family, how they tortured Futa when he refuses to give them what they needed. Tsuna is angered by this and begins to charge at Mukuro with Dino's whip in his hands. Mukuro stands up and is suddenly behind Tsuna who begins to bleed due to Mukuro's fast and invisible attack. Tsuna notices a Dying Will Flame on Mukuro's eye and Mukuro begins to explain about the Six Paths of Reincarnation, saying that he just used the Realm of Demons on Tsuna. Reborn comments that Mukuro is a monster after hearing that Mukuro's body came through all the six paths to Hades in his former lives. Mukuro tells him that he's in no position to talk, calling him a cursed baby of the Arcobaleno. Mukuro then faces Tsuna, asking if he's ready to see his next skill.

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