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Template:Infobox Mafia Families The Millefiore Famiglia is the most powerful Mafia Famiglia in the world when depicted in the Future Arc of the series 9 years and 10 months after the present day. The Millefiore Famiglia is made up of two groups: the Black Spell and White Spell, both of which were formerly two separate Famiglias, the Giglio Nero Famiglia and Gesso Famiglia, respectively, the former withdrawing after Yuni awakened from Byakuran's drug.

History and Goals

The Millefiore Famiglia is the merging result of two powerful Mafia Famiglias, depicted in the Future Arc: the up-and-coming Gesso Famiglia led by Byakuran, and the family with as history on par with the Vongola, the Giglio Nero, led by Yuni, the 3rd Sky Arcobaleno, though Byakuran dulled Yuni's heart with a drug to make her agree to the merging of the Famiglias. They are organized into two groups to distinguish their old Famiglias, which are then further separated into 18 different squads, each named after a plant or flower.[1] Those originally from the Giglio Nero are the Black Spell and have the tendency to engage in direct combat, while those from the Gesso are the White Spell and specialize in cunning battle tactics. There is a general sense of hatred and distrust between members of the White Spell and the Black Spell, resulting in a lack of communication and sabotage by individual squads.

The overall goal of the Millefiore is to collect the Tri-ni-set (7³), the set of pacifiers and two sets of Rings created from the material said to have created the world, and use it to recreate all of existence; however, in the present time after the Future Arc has ended, the present Byakuran and the Six Funeral Wreaths as well as Gamma, Nosaru, and Tazaru's objective is to free Yuni of her short-lifespan Sky Arcobaleno curse.

The Seventeen Squads

There are 17 Millefiore squads, each with a captain in charge, and each having a plant in Italian as a name.

Squad Captain Name Other Members Black/White Spell

0th Squad


Paphiopedilum Byakuran's bodyguards White

1st Squad

Yuni Calendula Black

2nd Squad

Shoichi Irie

Rosa White

3rd Squad


Aphelandra Tazaru, Nosaru Black

4th Squad

Unknown Ciclamino Genkishi Black
5th Squad Unknown Odontoglossum Black
6th Squad Unknown Mughetto Leonardo Lippi White
7th Squad Unknown Fiore del Cotone


8th Squad Glo Xinia Glicine Ginger Bread, Cappuccino White
9th Squad Unknown Girasole Nigella Beankabul Black
10th Squad Unknown Nigella White
11th Squad Unknown Viola Black
12th Squad Unknown Camellia Iris Hepburn, Death Stalk Unit White
13th Squad Unknown Balsamina White
14th Squad Unknown Tulipano Black
15th Squad Unknown Dente Di Leone White
16th Squad Unknown Rhododendron White
17th Squad Unknown Aquilegia Black
18th Squad


Belladonna Lily

Biokilulu, Devolt


Note: The 18th Squad, Belladonna Lily - Millefiore's assassination squad, is a game-only feature and does not affect the show in any way.

Squad Captain Name Other Members Black/White Spell
Six Funeral Wreaths Byakuran Funeral Wreaths Kikyo, Zakuro, Bluebell, Torikabuto, Daisy, Ghost N/A


  • Despite being the most powerful team of the Millefiore Famiglia, the Six Funeral Wreaths were hidden and only known to be existing by its own members and Byakuran himself.
  • Though Millefiore was dissolved after Future Yuni awoke from her drugged state in that Future, Team Yuni formed in the The Curse of the Rainbow Arc uses the Millefiore emblem on the chapter cover of teams who were participating.


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