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The Millefiore Family, commonly known as Millefiore and Millefiore Famiglia [millefjore famiʎa], is the most powerful Mafia Famiglia in the world as depicted in the Future Arc, replacing the Vongola Famiglia.


The goal of the Millefiore is to collect the Tri-ni-sette, and use it to recreate all of existence. After the Future Arc has ended, their objective is to free Uni of the short-lifespan curse of a Sky Arcobaleno.


The Millefiore Famiglia is the merging result of two powerful Mafia Famiglias in the future: the Gesso Famiglia led by Byakuran, and the Giglio Nero Famiglia, led by Uni. Byakuran dulled Uni's heart with a drug to make her agree to the merging of the Famiglias.



The 17 squad leaders and Byakuran meeting.

Squad insignias.

The Millefiore Famiglia is organized into 17 different squads, each named after a plant or flower.[1] Though among them, only six leaders are A-rank or above.[2] Each group is labeled as either Black Spell or White Spell, to indicate their previous allegiance – Black Spell for Giglio Nero, and White Spell for Gesso.[3]

Those originally from the Giglio Nero have a tendency for direct combat, while the Gesso tend toward cunning battle tactics. There is a general sense of hatred and distrust between members of the White Spell and the Black Spell, resulting in a lack of communication and sabotage by individual squads.

Squad Captain Name Members Spell
0 Squad Byakuran Paphiopedilum (パフィオペディラム, Pafiodendirumu?) Byakuran's bodyguards White
1st Squad Uni Calendula (カレンヅラ(キンセンカ), Karenjura (Kinsenka)?) Unknown Black
2nd Squad Shoichi Irie (A) Rosa (ローザ(バラ), Rōza (Bara)?) Unknown White
3rd Squad Gamma (A) Aphelandra (アフェランドラ, Aferandora?) Tazaru (C++)
Nosaru (D)
4th Squad Unknown Ciclamino (チクラミーノ(シクラメン), Chikuramīno (Shikuramen)?) Genkishi (A) Black
5th Squad Unknown Odontoglossum (オドントグロッサム, Odontogurossamu?) Unknown Black
6th Squad Unknown Mughetto (ムゲット(すずらん), Mugetto (Suzuran)?) Leonardo Lippi (F) White
7th Squad Baishana Fiore del Cotone (フィオーレ・デル・コトーネ(綿), Fiōre deru Kotōne (Wata)?) Unknown White
8th Squad Glo Xinia Glicine (グリチネ(フジ), Gurichine (Fuji)?) Ginger Bread (Vice-Captain) (above C++)
9th Squad Nigella Beankabul Girasole (ジラソーレ(ひまわり), Jirasōre (Himawari)?) Unknown Black
10th Squad Unknown Nigella (ニジェッラ(ニゲラ), Nijerra (Nigera)?) Unknown White
11th Squad Unknown Viola (ヴィオラ(すみれ), Viora (Sumire)?) Unknown Black
12th Squad Iris Hepburn Camellia (カメリア(つばき), Kameria (Tsubaki)?) Deadly Stem Force White
13th Squad Unknown Balsamina (バルサミーナ(ホウセンカ), Barusamīna (Housenka)?) Unknown White
14th Squad Unknown Tulipano (トゥリパーノ(チューリップ), Turipāno (Chūrippu)?) Unknown Black
15th Squad Unknown Dente di Leone (デンテ・ティ・レオーネ(タンポポ), Dente di Reōne (Tanpopo)?) Unknown White
16th Squad Dendro Chilum Rhododendron (ロドデンドロ(しゃくなげ), Rodorendoro (Shakunage)?) Unknown Black
17th Squad Unknown Aquilegia (アクイレージャ(オダマキ), Akuirēja (Odamaki)?) Unknown Black
18th Squad Bligganteth Belladonna Lily Biokilulu

Note: The 18th Squad, Belladonna Lily - Millefiore's assassination squad, is featured only in games, and is non-canon.

Six Funeral Wreaths[]

Six members, usually captains of a squad, are holders of Mare Rings. They are called the Six Funeral Wreaths, the most powerful group in the Famiglia, known only to Byakuran and its members, that performs duties similar to the Guardians of the Vongola Famiglia.

Byakuran gave Fake Mare Rings to the Fake Funeral Wreaths to gauge the strength of the Vongola Famiglia and to hide the identities of the real Six Funeral Wreaths, known only to him.


Millefiore Bosses

Six Funeral Wreaths

Fake Funeral Wreaths

Other Millefiore Famiglia Members


  • Millefiore means "a thousand flowers" in Italian.
  • Though Millefiore was dissolved after Future Uni awoke from her drugged state, Team Uni uses the Millefiore emblem on the chapter cover of teams who were participating.