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Michael Chianu[1] is a manga-exclusive Cavallone Famiglia mafioso that was a former pro tennis player.

Character Outline[]


Michael has long hair, running down to his neck. He wears a tennis headband and a striped polo shirt, unlike the other Cavallone Famiglia mafioso, who wear suits.


Michael, like the rest of the Cavallone Famiglia, is immensely loyal to Dino. He also shows confidence in his abilities in racket sports.

Plot Overview[]

Michael appears in the second round of the Vongola New Year Ceremony, playing featherball, somewhat like badminton, with Takeshi Yamamoto. He smashes the shuttlecock when Yamamoto hits it lightly to him, but it looks like Yamamoto wins when he easily hits the smash back. However, the shuttlecock flies way out of bounds and the Cavallone Famiglia wins the featherball round.


  • In the manga, Michael played featherball with Yamamoto in the Vongola New Year Ceremony. In the anime, Brutus played battledore with Yamamoto.