Merone Base is the 189th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna asks Spanner why he wants to assist in making the perfect technique, to which Spanner simply replies that he wants to see it. Spanner also states that he didn't kill Tsuna because he doesn't feel right killing outside of his Moska machines. Tsuna asks what's happening on the outside, to which Spanner replies that Shoichi was running around, but advised Tsuna not to mess with Shoichi.

With Shoichi, he is seen walking down a hall towards a door, with his Cervello trailing behind him and asking if he was going to use "that". Shoichi replies as he enters that he would rather use it than lose everything. In the room are two controls.

At the battle with Ryohei and Baishana, Baishana orders his Box Weapon to attack, but Ryohei counters with Maximum Ingram, sending the crocodile. Baishana screeches in fear, begging Ryohei for mercy, but his own Box Weapon lands on him and presumably crushes him. At the control room, Shoichi calls upon his Box Weapon, "Merone Base", to awaken. Shoichi then begins to move around the boxes in Merone Base, causing the Vongola to think an earthquake is occurring, as well as separating Yamamoto from Gokudera and Ryohei. As Gokudera and Ryohei walk through a door, they encounter Gamma, much to their surprise.


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