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The Merone Base is the hideout of the Millefiore Famiglia in Japan, connected to an underground shopping mall. It can be considered as a Box Weapon, because it is activated by Dying Will Flames from Rings.


The Merone Base is a giant architectural structure made up of numerous blocks that serve as the rooms of the hideout. It is designed by Shoichi Irie under Byakuran's orders.

By using the Activation characteristic of the Sun Flame, the vegetation in the space between each block grows and its strength is used for the base's operation, making this design ecologically friendly.

Four A-Rank officers (the bearers of the Fake Mare Rings) were dispatched to the Merone Base: Gamma, Genkishi, Glo Xinia, and Shoichi Irie, with Shoichi as the commanding officer.

Plot overview[]

Future Arc[]

Future Lal Mirch, Tsunayoshi Sawada, Future Ryohei Sasagawa, Hayato Gokudera, and Takeshi Yamamoto infiltrated this location in search for the White Round Time Machine. Shoichi used the base's ability to split up their group and lead them into battling separately against Gamma, Genkishi, Spanner, Iris Hepburn, and Baishana.

Future Kyoya Hibari, Future Tetsuya Kusakabe, Chrome Dokuro, Lambo and I-Pin later also invade the Base.