Mekiko is one of the bizarre girlfriends of Naito Longchamp.

Character Outline Edit

Mekiko is one of the bizarre girlfriends of Longchamp. They are on a date when Kokuyo Gang students are attacking Namimori Middle School students.

Appearance Edit

Mekiko has very sharp teeth and her mouth is always opened. She also has big, protuberant eyes, a small pointed nose and dark, short hair. In her first appearance, she wore a sleeveless shirt. Her head is disproportionately large to the rest of her body.

History Edit

According to the Secret Story Manga where she appeared, Longchamp is her second boyfriend. She also loves animals.

Trivia Edit

  • She has very high gentleness level.
  • The second high characteristic of her is being considerate.
  • Her cuteness, feminine appearance, and diligence are very low.

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