Meeting Up is the 156th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Bianchi and Futa return, Bianchi hugging Reborn happily. Futa cheerfully tells Tsuna that they were happy because both he and Reborn were dead in this era. Reborn states that with their return, they should have brought valuable information along with them. Hibari also growls to Tsuna that if he brought any more people in the room, he would bite him to death, where later on he would beat up Tsuna.

Later, at a meeting, Kusakabe reveals that they received an SOS signal from Hana Kurokawa to rescue Kyoko. Bianchi and Futa then report that there were 17 Millefiore squads, but only 6 captains were of Rank A and above, and only Gamma and Shoichi Irie were in Japan at the moment. They also reveal that the entrance to their base was at the Namimori Underground Shopping Mall. Reborn then states that they must attack as soon as possible, after they've trained to become stronger. Kyoko and Haru then burst in, holding Lambo and I-Pin, much to Futa and Bianchi's happiness.

13 days later, Tsuna heads underground to train, where he meets up with Gokudera and Yamamoto. Lal Mirch then announces that there will be three coaches training each three of them individually; Reborn training Yamamoto and Bianchi training Gokudera. Reborn tells Tsuna to focus on his own training and shoots Tsuna with a Criticism Shot. Tsuna prepares to train with Lal Mirch, but Lal Mirch denies his request, stating that he was too weak. Hibari then enters and attacks Tsuna immediately, stating that he would pry out all of Tsuna's abilities.

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