Mare Rings

Mare Rings Target 202

Title Mare Rings
Weapon Rings
Abilities Igniting Flames
Flame Dying Will Flames of the Sky
Similar Weapons

The Mare Rings are Rings, along with the Arcobaleno Pacifiers and the Vongola Rings, that make up the Tri-Ni-Set (7³), three sets of extremely powerful Rings that are said to have created the world. At the end of the Future Arc, the Mare Rings were sealed in the past by the Arcobaleno. The Mare Rings have their own ability, like the Pacifiers and the Vongola Rings.

Trivia Edit

  • "Mare" means "sea" in Italian, also referencing the "sea" in Uni's poem.
  • When a Mare Ring is taken from its rightful owner, it loses its color, just like the Arcobaleno Pacifiers.
  • The Sky Mare Ring, like the Vongola Sky Ring has the power to choose its owner.