The Mare Rings along with the Arcobaleno Pacifiers and the Vongola Rings make up the Tri-ni-sette (7³). The Mare Rings have their own ability like the Pacifiers and the Vongola Rings.

History Edit

When Kawahira and Sepira's people, the original "Earthlings," started dying out, they were unable to support the original Tri-ni-sette by themselves. So, the original stones were portioned out into the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. But eventually, the number of Earthlings came down to just the two of them. Even though the stones had been divided already, the remaining parts of the Tri-ni-sette were still too much for Kawahira and Sepira to power on their own. And so, the rest of the  Tri-ni-sette stones were split even further into the Mare Rings and the Vongola Rings.

While the Vongola Rings were given to Vongola Primo, Sepira took the Mare Rings and established her own famiglia, the Giglio Nero.

At some point the Sky Mare Ring ended up in the Cervello's hands, but the other rings remained with the Giglio Nero.

Plot overview Edit

While attending university, the Cervello approach Byakuran as the chosen wielder of the Sky Mare Ring.[1]

In the Future Arc, during Uni's time as Giglo Nero Decima, the rings were in possession of Gamma (Lightning), Nigella Beabankul (Cloud), Genkishi (Mist), and two others.[2] When Uni agreed to join famiglias with the Gesso to form the Millefiore Famiglia, the rings were given to Byakuran, who was attempting to collect all parts of the Tri-ni-sette. Gamma and Genkishi got a ring back, but those were only high-grade identical copies. The true Mare Rings were then entrusted to Byakuran's chosen, the Six Funeral Wreaths.

At the end of the Future Arc, the Mare Rings were sealed in the past by the Arcobaleno.

Trivia Edit

  • "Mare" means "sea" in Italian, also referencing the "sea" in Uni's poem.
  • When a Mare Ring is taken from its rightful owner, it loses its color, just like the Arcobaleno Pacifiers.
  • The Sky Mare Ring, like the Vongola Sky Ring has the power to choose its owner.

References Edit

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