Mammon and the New Fighting Forces - Part 2 is the 348th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Fran plays in the river until he notices the Kokuyo Junior High Gang and Varia's presences. He mistakenly calls them fairies, much to their chagrin. Mukuro Rokudo approaches him as he states that he is his master, but Fran calls him a pineapple fairy, and then calls the Varia tooth decay fungus. Belphegor throws his knives at Fran, who gets down and the knives hit his hat instead, but it turns out to be an illusion. Fran tries to run away from them, but Ken Joshima tries to stop him, telling Fran to calm down, and that they are on his side. Fran then mocks his habit of saying 'Byon' after his sentences and calls him a stupid fairy and not to touch him or else he would catch his stupidity. Levi A Than tries to stop him as well, but Fran states that he isn't scary at all, and ignores him in the hopes that he'll go away, shocking Levi. Mukuro and Squalo, along with Chikusa Kakimoto, stop him by pointing their weapons at him.

Fran then tries to calm them down that turns into insulting them, Squalo about his hair, Chikusa about his skin, and Mukuro for his supposed 'pineapple reek', angering the three people further. Squalo questions if Fran recently hit his head, to which Fran answers that, according to his grandmother, he hit his head on a block of cheese, and claims that he could not remember anything, which includes the memories of the future. Knowing this, both Mukuro and Squalo turn to each other, and then attempt to shove the responsibility of taking Fran on one another. Squalo tells Mukuro that Fran is his disciple and he should be the one to take care of him, but Mukuro refuses and retorts that he's also busy and that the Varia should take Fran and cure him of his stupidity before he takes him back.

Meanwhile, Mammon arrives at Pacifier Spring and meets the other Arcobaleno, with the exception of Aria and Reborn. They then show their letters from Reborn and reveal that it is another one of Reborn's games, to gather them together to chat. Parts of the letters are purposely left illegible. By layering the letters on top of each other, the entire message can be shown. They then proceed to decipher Reborn's message, finding out the conclusion of Tsuna's battle with Demon Spade, the eighth flame, and the Arcobaleno with the clear pacifier, surprising them. They feel like they have seen the Arcobaleno before, and the other Arcobaleno all have an idea as to who it may be. Back at the Kokuyo Junior High Gang and Varia's situation, they decide to use a game of ladder to settle it, with the loser taking Fran without holding any grudges; however, Fran interrupts and says that he wanted to choose for himself and that he had already chose which group he would go with, pointing to one of the two groups.

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