Mammon and the New Fighting Forces is the 347th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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In the Varia headquarters, Mammon has just finished bathing. They promptly receive a letter from Reborn written in the Arcobaleno Secret Code. Mammon, by shining their Arcobaleno Pacifier's light on the message, learns that Reborn has gotten a hint regarding the Arcobaleno curse. Before Mammon finishes reading the letter, Belphegor enters the room and tells them that there's an emergency meeting.

At the meeting room, Squalo announces that they will be recruiting a new Varia officer, surprising everyone in the room except Xanxus. From the memories of their battle in the future, the Varia recall that Fran was appointed as the new officer in the future. While everyone else is arguing over the topic at hand, Mammon ignores all the commotion since they're solely focusing on Reborn's letter and the fact that they might have to tell Xanxus everything about the Arcobaleno curse. Because they're deep in thought, they fail to see food being thrown at them and as a result, the letter becomes heavily stained with food. They immediately excuse themself from the table so they can continue reading their letter. However, they cannot read the most important part of the letter due to the stain and their pride won't let them ask other Arcobaleno for help. In the midst of their confusion, Belphegor interrupts them and informs them that they will go to Jura, France to retrieve Fran. Knowing that there's a Pacifier Spring in Jura that can make their Pacifier bright enough to read the message, Mammon decides to follow along.

As they arrive in France, they all go to Fran's grandmother's house to ask about Fran. Fran's grandmother tells them that Fran has gone playing at the upstream of the river. The Varia heads out and arrives at their destination, but instead find the Kokuyo Junior High Gang members (Mukuro Rokudo, Ken Joshima, Chikusa Kakimoto, and M.M.), who are also looking for Fran to recruit him. While exchanging words, they notice a figure wearing a huge apple hat on the river, the figure commenting on how his grandmother's lunchboxes were horrible and wondering what he should do next.

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