A Mammon Chain is a chain created by Mammon that prevents the detection of a Ring capable of emitting Dying Will Flames.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Mammon with chains.

It first appeared during the Mist Ring Battle. Viper, by attaching it to their Mist Pacifier, is able to block their Arcobaleno powers and prevent other Arcobaleno from detecting them.

In the Future Arc, the Vongola Famiglia members use Mammon Chains to become undetectable to the prying eyes of the Millefiore. The Mammon Chain's technology is also used in Giannini's Motorcycles to help the Vongola Choice members' stealth in the Choice battles.

Later in the Future Arc, Giannini made an Auto Mammon Chain Ring Cover for the Vongola Famiglia. This has the same ability as the Mammon Chain and will automatically cover the Ring when not in use, therefore hiding its presence from enemies.

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