The Malocchio Hell Ring[1] is a Hell Ring owned by Mukuro Rokudo.

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The ring is also savage and carnivorous. The iron claw that grows from it can consume an elephant-sized body in just a minute.[2]

There are various theories about the owner of the eye in the center of the ring, but the most prominent tells about an adventurer that never blinked and gouged his own eye out on his deathbed so as to continue gazing at the world.[2]

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During the battle between the Vongola Famiglia and the Millefiore Famiglia in the Future Final Battle Arc, Mukuro used its power to blast Mist Flames in the form of eyes and tentacles at Byakuran.

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It is said that whoever is gazed upon by the Malocchio Hell Ring will become paralyzed and lose the ability to think.[2]

The Malocchio Hell Ring also comes with a Box Weapon with a design similar to the Ring itself. However, what the box contained was not shown.

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  • Malocchio Hell Ring is most likely based from the oldest Italian superstition of the evil eye, Malocchio, that said to bring bad luck or diseases.

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