Makoto Kozato is the father of Enma and Mami Kozato. He was a dealer of old paintings and was accused to have initiated the Flood of Blood incident after killing twelve members of the CEDEF.

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Seven years before the events in the Inheritance Ceremony Arc, several houses of the bosses of families connected to the Vongola Famiglia had been shot by bullets, prompting the CEDEF, headed by Iemitsu Sawada, Tsuna's father, to investigate. The CEDEF's investigation led them to an old art dealer named Makoto Kozato. The CEDEF decided to investigate him, but as soon as they started, twelve of Iemitsu's subordinates were slaughtered in a hotel elevator. After investigating the scene, Makoto Kozato's gun was recovered. Later that night, Makoto, his wife, and their daughter were slaughtered at their home. His son, Enma, managed to survive and saw the supposed killer, Iemitsu Sawada. However, it is later revealed that the family was killed by Demon Spade who disguised himself as Iemitsu after initiating the Flood of Blood incident, who did it under the excuse of "eliminating Vongola's weak".

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