Main Battle in Italy (イタリア主力戦) is the 137th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


In Italy, the Varia officers are at their headquarters, discussing battle plans. Superbia Squalo gives out orders for Lussuria to stay with Levi at the HQ and Bel to go to the south end with Fran, the newest Varia member. Squalo says that he will cover the east passage and Bel moves out with Fran. At the Millefiore temporary headquarters, a grunt reports to his boss that their castle has been overtaken by the Varia and tells him that the latter is now the official assault commander. The new commander smiles and his butler says that it was expected to have a member of the Six Funeral Wreaths lead the assault. Meanwhile, Squalo runs into a fallen Varia member at the east end. The member reports that he was beaten up by Xanxus for not being able to prepare beef for him, as they only had lamb. Squalo says that they brought Japanese sirloin as well, but another Varia member appears and reports that Xanxus wanted fillet mignon. Squalo says that they also brought that, but a third Varia member appears and reports that he dropped the fillet mignon. While raging about this fact, Squalo is ambushed by three Millefiore members. Squalo furiously unleashes his Shark Box Weapon, which knocks the three Millefiore members down in a single blow. Back at the south end, Bel and Fran run into Milliefiore members and Bel easily disposes of them with his Storm Mink. Another wave of Millefiore members appear with Storm Hyenas and Bel easily eradicates them with Mink's Fiamma Scarlatta, setting a large section of forest ablaze. Suddenly, two jets of water douse the Flames, puzzling Bel.

In Merone Base, the injured Vongola members are treated. As Shoichi Irie is relieved by everyone's safety, Gokudera tells Irie that he wants to smack him. Hibari, standing next to Gokudera, says that he wants to go first. Reborn stops them, as he wants to ask about Byakuran's power. Irie reveals that Byakuran's power is triggered by certain events.

The smoke from the now extinguished forest fire clears to reveal a Rain Pelican and the commander's butler. The man reveals himself as Bel's childhood butler, Olgert. Behind Olgert, a figure on a flying throne appears- Bel's twin brother Rasiel.


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