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Mafia Land is a mafia-only resort that only welcomes Mafia Famiglias that don't deal in drugs and other activities that past a certain code of conduct.

In Mafia Land, there is no violence or fighting; it's a vacation spot for mafioso. Reborn is treated like a celebrity there.

Locations and attractionsEdit

Cruise shipEdit

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Mafia Castle

Mafia Castle

There is a castle located on Mafia Land that was first seen during the Carcassa Famiglia's attack, which was where all mafioso evacuated to. The exit of the subway leads to the castle.

Training areaEdit

Under Mafia Land, there is a subway to bring you to a training area, where mafioso unapproved for entry are sent to be trained. The training ground is on the back side of the island, built on a cliff with a whirlpool at the bottom. Colonnello is in charge of the training area.

Trivia Edit

  • Futa said that Mafia Land was ranked first out of the 254 theme parks that various mafioso who want to act like kids again.
  • The Mafia Land's roller coaster is ranked 3rd out of 8,452 attractions.

References Edit

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