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Members of the Todd Famiglia.

In Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, the Mafia refers to the groups of people, known as Famiglia or Family, who primarily engage in organized crimes, protection racketeering, or illegal agreements and transactions. The groups usually have members of Italian descent or are based on Italy, but there are also groups that are formed in other foreign countries. In Japan, the groups are known as a yakuza.

Throughout the series, many members of the Mafia are shown to be endowed with supernatural abilities, including but not limited to the Dying Will Flames. According to Futa, the Mafia consists of more than 80,000 members and more than 800 bosses in total.


A Famiglia is headed by a leader known as a "boss". He/she has absolute command over the members' movements and the family's possessions. A second-in-command known as a "right-hand man" may also exist, having almost similar powers as the Boss or a similar position as a secretary, if none exist. A subgroup of people known as "guardians" are the boss's closer subordinates that may be commanded directly by the boss. The guardians can also act as the boss's bodyguards. Some families, like the Vongola Famiglia, require the Boss to have six Guardians.

Most known leaders in the series have possessed the incredibly rare Sky Flame. In the case of Bianchi's father, since the attribute of a Dying Will Flame could be inherited and he is the only parent that both Bianchi and Hayato Gokudera share, it is likely that he possesses a Storm Flame.

Known Mafia Famiglias[]


  • Strangely, despite the majority of mafia in the series are Italian mafia, the order of their names follows the English name structure. In Italian, "Famiglia" was supposed to be before the Family name (for example, Famiglia Vongola), but in the series, they instead come after the Family name.


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