The Macchina Famiglia is a manga-exclusive Mafia Famiglia known for its cyborg members.

Known Members Edit

Macchina Famiglia

Plot Edit


Lenny and Manny fused together.

The Macchina Famiglia sent its two best members, Lenny and Manny, to kill off Reborn so that they could prove that cyborgs were better hitmen than humans. However, they failed to prove this as Reborn destroyed both Lenny and Manny.

Inventions Edit

The only creations made by the Macchina that appeared are the cyborgs Lenny and Manny. These two have abilities of super speed and super strength, respectively. They are capable of shooting missiles out of their mouths and fusing together to combine their powers.

Trivia Edit

  • Macchina means "machinery" in Italian.

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