Kokuyo Arc Edit

Kokuyo Land Invasion Edit

Mug Shot M.M

Mug Shot

M.M. is the second assassin to attack the group after Ken Joshima battled Yamamoto. When they are resting, she uses her Burning Vibrato attack and attempts to hit Bianchi or Tsuna, but her attack hit Bianchi's soup instead, exploding it. Then she attempts to hit Yamamoto or Gokudera, but instead ends up blowing up Yamamoto's tea and sushi. She is found by Gokudera, who uses his bombs to blow away her cover- she was inside a building.

Bianchi volunteers to battle M.M. and charges her with her Poison Cooking: Large-Scale Buffet, but M.M. counters with her Burning Vibrato attack, which hits Bianchi, but her food soaks up the microwaves. She nimbly dodges the two attacks, but her opponent tries another Poison Cooking, but M.M. reveals that her Clarinet also becomes a pair of nunchuks, knocking Bianchi's dish from her hand and Bianchi herself away.

As she readies another Burning Vibrato, Gokudera reveals that when she struck Bianchi with her Clarinet, Bianchi uses her best technique, Thousand Poisonous Flowers, to turn M.M.'s Clarinet into Poison Cooking. M.M., while playing the Clarinet, ingested some of the Poison Cooking and immediately passed out. It is implied afterward that she and the others were taken back to prison by the Vindice.

Future Arc Edit

Future Final Battle Arc Edit

Future Ken, Chikusa, WW

Future Ken, Chikusa and M.M.

M.M. makes her appearance during the Future Arc together with the Varia Member, Fran, and the other Kokuyo Members, Ken and Chikusa. Fran went to visit M.M. right after helping his master, Mukuro Rokudo, escape from the Vindice Prison. The M.M. from ten years in the Future still has the same perspective on money, and she still has the same feelings for Mukuro. She appeared in front of Chrome when she was on the way delivering the Vongola Box to Mukuro and suddenly she slapped her and said that she is ugly just like Ken said and she always had a pitiful look on her face. She also told Chrome that Mukuro belonged to her and she would kill her if she touched him. Later on, before Chrome goes back to the past, M.M. tells her that Mukuro was only using her to get out of prison, and that M.M. was concerned about it, telling her that Mukuro was a fearsome person.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc Edit

Kokuyo Arrives

Kokuyo arrives in Namimori

M.M. appears along with Mukuro, Ken and Chikusa in France when they try to recruit Fran with the Varia trying to do the same. She seems pleased when Levi is interested in her and says that she will be free the day after the next day, but also charges him a very high price for their first date, causing him to lose interest. When they find out Fran had lost his memories from the future, M.M. opines that they don't need him. Later, she makes another appearance with the Kokuyo Gang again when Mukuro declares to Tsuna that he would defeat him. When Mukuro claims that he detests Chrome the way she is now, M.M. is shown to be delighted by this. Despite her initial misgivings, she helps to take care of Fran when the boy decides to join the Kokuyo Gang.

M.M. expresses anger and concern when Chrome gets involved in the battles despite being ill. When Tsuna's poor grades are revealed, she is briefly seen remarking on the discrepancy between his grades and combat skills. She is last seen with the other Kokuyo members when Tsuna thinks about the people he can rely on.

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