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M.M is a member of the Kokuyo Junior High Gang. A criminal, she was imprisoned in a high-security prison until Mukuro Rokudo staged a jailbreak and she joined him. She plays a clarinet and uses it both as a mid-range weapon and a close-combat weapon.

Character outline[]


In the manga, both her hair and eyes are reddish, but in the anime, she has red hair and violet eyes. M.M wore a green Kokuyo uniform during the Kokuyo Arc, while in the future, she was dressed in a short-sleeved light purple shirt and in her mug shot she's wearing a black blouse and a dark purple jacket, nail polish, and a black choker. Her appearance doesn't change much in the future except for a new yellow M-shaped hairclip.


She cares a lot about fashion and money and prefers to date rich men. M.M can be blunt and has a short temper. Despite having a slightly selfish and mean personality, she does have a positive side to her which is shown when she tells Chrome that Mukuro was just using her, expressing her concern. She clearly has an interest in music.

Weapons and abilities[]

Nunchuku Clarinet

  • Clarinet - M.M can transform her clarinet into nunchucks for close-combat.
  • Burning Vibrato - Using the Clarinet, it sends heat waves of vibrating atoms that explode on contact.


  • It's possible that the reason M.M wears a different uniform from Chrome's is that it's the school's band uniform, thus complimenting that fact that her weapon is a Clarinet. Later on, her uniform changed to a new one, but it was still different from Chrome's. A reason for this could be due to the fact that every student of Kokuyo Junior High modifies their uniform in one way or another as stated in Vongola 77.
  • In the Nintendo DS Games, she uses a Sun Dying Will Flame.
  • In the anime and manga, she's the only Kokuyo member who doesn't have a Flame.
  • In the manga, her hair color looks more orange than red. Her eyes as well, as in the manga they were more orange-ish than in the anime, where it was depicted as violet.
  • It is strongly hinted that Future M.M has feelings for Mukuro, to the point where she tells Chrome to stay away from him because he belongs to her. Though, in Volume 28 extra, Pineapple Tsushin, Ken stated that she only likes Mukuro because of his money, which M.M stated as pure love.
  • M.M changes her mood quickly.
  • M.M's character seems to be music based seeing as in music, M.M stands for Metronome Marking, and her choice of weapon is a clarinet.
  • M.M and Fran are the only two characters confirmed to be originated from France in the series.
  • In the 2nd "Futa's Character Popularity Ranking" in book 13, M.M ranked 10th place.
  • In Female Popularity poll, she ranked 8th.
  • She is fifth in position for having the most alarm clocks in the Mafia.
  • The Japanese phrase (マジむかつく, maji mukatsuku?) is sometimes abbreviated as MM, means "seriously irritating; seriously ticks me off" expressing anger and or offense.
  • According to a manga extra, she lives in luxury in Paris.