Lying in Wait is the 150th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Hana finds Kyoko on the street and quickly hides her in her house. Hana also tells her that she has a message from Ryohei. Lal Mirch and Tsuna quickly take cover behind a tree, spotting Gamma. With Gokudera and Yamamoto, Yamamoto discusses teamwork, but Gokudera tells him to stay out of his way. Suddenly, two Millefiore Famiglia Black Spell members attack Gokudera and Yamamoto, but are quickly defeated, with Yamamoto using a sword attack, moving them to Gokudera's area, where they were quickly disposed of with a shot. Gamma then appears, challenging them to a battle. Gokudera, however, once again tells Yamamoto to stay out of the way, and attacks Gamma. At Lal Mirch and Tsuna's location, Lal Mirch states that even with four against one, they might not defeat Gamma. Gokudera fires a shot at Gamma, thinking that he defeated him, but Gamma quickly reappears, finally introducing himself to them. Yamamoto suggests to Gokudera that they team up, but Gokudera quickly dismisses it, threatening him to stay out of the way.

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