History Edit

Not much is known about Lussuria's past. He participated in the Cradle Affair and remained in the Varia until Xanxus was freed.

Varia Arc Edit

Lussuria participated in the Sun Ring Battle against Ryohei Sasagawa. Despite being advantaged due to wearing sunglasses in a brightly lit arena, Ryohei's Maximum Cannon broke Lussuria's metal leg, effectively ending his use of Muay Thai. He tried to continue the fight but was shot in the back by Gola Moska, who had assumed his loss. He was later revealed to be alive during the Sky Ring Battle, strapped to a stretcher but forced to participate nonetheless. Ryohei later gave him the antidote to the Death Heater poison despite being his opponent.

Future Arc Edit

Lussuria was with Squalo during his 101 battles to become the next Sword Emperor, and helped to film the battles. Along with the rest of the Varia, Lussuria was present during the attack in Italy against the Millefiore. He and Levi A Than split into a separate group to protect the castle while the others hunted the Funeral Wreath in command. During the battle Lussuria, used his Serenity Peacock to heal the injured. Later, Lussuria was trapped in the rubble when Olgert destroyed the base, but was uninjured.

Future Final Battle Arc Edit

The Varia later arrived in Japan and rescued Lal Mirch, Gokudera and Gamma from the Six Funeral Wreaths. Lussuria, Levi and Belphegor fought Bluebell and appeared to be killed. However, they were later revealed to be illusions created by Mukuro Rokudo. Later, along with everyone else present, Lussuria had his Dying Will Flames drained by Ghost.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc Edit


Lussuria and the Varia in Japan

Lussuria is first seen at France attempting, along with the rest of the Varia, to recruit Fran. Later, Lussuria is seen walking in Japan along with the other main Varia members, with Dino watching them.

Later, Lussuria is seen in the Varia's hotel room weight-lifting while Tsuna, Dino, and Reborn are dragged in by Belphegor, and watches along as Wonomichi explains the rules of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

On the first day of the representative battle, Lussuria, along with the rest of the Varia, gang up on Enma and use their strongest attacks to kill him, but are stopped by Skull's Undead Body; subsequently, the first day of battle ends.

On the second day of the representative battle, Lussuria is seen weakly commenting on the un-cursed Fon's incredible strength before falling unconscious, eliminated from the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

After the battle, he is seen feeding Xanxus in a hospital and watches when Xanxus gets into a fight. Lussuria is last seen with the other Varia members when Tsuna thinks about the people he (Tsuna) can rely on.

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