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Lussuria, also called Lissuria[3][4][5], is an assassin working for the Varia, the independent assassination squad of the Vongola Famiglia.

Character Outline[]


He wears an open Varia trenchcoat and has brown hair with a side part of green hair. He has a tall and muscular build, and his favored fighting style is Muay Thai. Lussuria has a metal plate over his left knee used to block physical attacks and cause his opponents to heavily damage themselves. He always wears red-rimmed sunglasses and his coat has a large orange fur around the hood. In the future, he has a mohawk.


Lussuria, true to his name (which is the Italian word for lust), is flamboyant, flirtatious and lascivious. It's hinted that he is a necrophiliac, as during the Sun Ring Battle, he told Ryohei that he likes "cold, wasted, unmoving" bodies. Despite this, he also has a caring side, shown in the future when he healed some Varia subordinates and they called him "Big Sis Lussuria". He is generally a cheerful person, and is rarely seen not smiling. Lussuria seems to like Thai culture, as he practices a form of Thai martial arts and his favourite food also has Thai origins. As hinted in the ending Familia, he has a sense of fashion, and due to that and his flamboyant personality, he might be a metrosexual.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Pavone del Sereno's Healing ability

  • Muay Thai - Lussuria is the Varia's martial arts expert and as such has a strong body capable of withstanding physical punishment and extreme heat. His preferred style of fighting is Muay Thai, which makes use of 8 limbs of the body: the two arms, elbows, knees, and feet.
  • Metal Knee - As well as his fighting style, Lussuria also has a Metal Knee that can be used both as a form of defense and as a method of unleashing great damage. He has also perfected a style of footwork that is fast enough to create a series of clones moving at great speed.
  • Pavone del Sereno - In the Future, Lussuria uses this Box Weapon to speed up the natural healing cycle using the Sun's Activation. The feathers release the sun flames over a wide area and as such can heal several people at once. However, one drawback is that it causes considerable nail and hair growth due to the cells multiplying so rapidly.
  • Ginocchiata Solare - An attack in which Lussuria covers his knee with Sun Flames and knees his target.


  • In the future, he mentions that he's next in line to become the Varia's strategist in the event of Squalo's death.
  • Lussuria sometimes takes control of Haru's Haru Haru Interview: Dangerous when there's some time left in the episode. He plays the role of Varia's "mother" and designates Xanxus as the Varia's "father", Squalo as the "eldest son", and Levi A Than as the "second son". He casually refers to Haru Miura, the original host of the show, as "that gal".
  • In the Future Arc, lower-ranked Varia agents referred to Lussuria as "Lussuria nee-san," which translates to "Big Sis Lussuria."
  • At 25, he is the oldest member of the Varia executives among the ages known.
  • When he took off his sunglasses at the onsen in the OVA, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei and even the Varia were visibly disturbed; hinting that there may be something disturbing or unusual about Lussuria's eyes.
  • His favorite food is tom yum goong.[3]
  • His hobby is fashion check, collecting compromising photos, and guro film appreciation.[3][6]
  • He dislikes guys who come to the gym to chat and fruit-flavored protein.[6]

Youngest bodybuilding champion.

  • Lussuria cannot see without his sunglasses, indicating they are prescription.
  • Lussuria was the youngest bodybuilding champion.[7]
  • The Varia members stated that Lussuria is not a marriage material due to his status as an okama, something that Lussuria denies even though he admitted being an okama.[8]
  • Lussuria, in Italian, means "lust," same as the other Varia executives represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Lussuria has a character song, IL SOLE (watashi ha taiyou).