Lunga is one of the core members of the Tomaso Famiglia and is said to be trying to start a band.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Lunga is short and stout and has the appearance of a toddler. He has beady eyes, a small nose, and is mostly expressionless. Lunga wears a beanie with a pair of headphones over it, and is commonly seen holding an electric guitar. He wears a dark sweater and wears pale pants with a belt.

Personality Edit

From what has been seen of him, Lunga is quite impatient when he requires something from someone and severely reprimands the person if they displease him.

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Daily Life Arc Edit

Lunga makes various minor appearances throughout the arc accompanying Longchamp along with Pantera and Mangusta.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with the other Tomaso Famiglia members, Lunga did not appear in the anime due to severe unpopularity.
  • Lunga means "long" in Italian.

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