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Adult and Infant Luce

Luce before and after she turned into an Arcobaleno

Luce is the original holder of the Orange (Sky) pacifier. Her name is pronounced as “lu-che” and it means light in Italian. She is the mother of Aria and the grandmother of Yuni.[1] She is also the former leader of the Giglio Nero Famiglia.[2] As of the time the Arcobaleno trials were conducted, her status and whereabouts are unknown. In the anime, she seems to have had a good relationship with Reborn and thinks Reborn's sideburns are his most attractive features. In Reborn's recollections, it seems that she has some power to see the future, enabling her to know beforehand the curse that comes together with taking care of the pacifier.


  • The same Seiyu voices Luce and her daughter Aria.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, she is referred to as Luc.
  • She is the Sky Arcobaleno and Sky Arcobalenos are known for their short lifespans.
  • Her animal partner is a squirrel, it was seen in Easy Go (6.5).
  • She, like the other Sky Arcobaleno, Aria and Yuni, have the power to revive or reconstruct her fellow Arcobaleno who died temporarily as seen in the Chapter 276.
  • Like her daughter and granddaughter, she has the orange mark of the Giglio Nero below her left eye.
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