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Luce [lutʃe] was the original holder of the Orange Arcobaleno Pacifier. Her animal partner is a squirrel named Cosmo.

Character Outline


Only seen in flashbacks, Luce is always seen in her formal attire, which consists of a white one-piece dress in addition to the Giglio Nero coat and hat.


Luce usually had a smile on her face. She was kind and caring, offering cookies to the newly constructed Arcobaleno group in the past. She was also very calm when they were turned into babies, as a result of knowing that it would happen. Uni is said to be very much like Luce in terms of appearance and personality.

Unlike Reborn, Luce also had a strong belief in fate, and because of fate she was willing to sacrifice her own happiness and even that of the unborn Aria at the time to allow fate along what Luce believed was its destined path.


  • She has the same seiyu as her daughter, Aria.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, she is referred to as Luc.
  • She, like the other Sky Arcobaleno, Aria and Uni, have the power to revive or reconstruct her fellow Arcobaleno who have died, at the cost of their own lives.
  • Her name "Luce" means 'light' in Italian.
  • Like her daughter and granddaughter, she has the emblem of the Giglio Nero below her left eye.
  • When in her "adult" form during the flashbacks, she was shown to be pregnant with Aria.
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