Reborn Edit

Reborn Saves Luce

Reborn saving Luce.

Out of all the Arcobaleno, Luce and Reborn were shown to be close friends after they met. She commented that Reborn's sideburns is his most attractive feature. They both talked to each other often before becoming Arcobaleno, mostly about their duty and how it would affect mostly her. Reborn also once saved Luce from a boulder about to fall on top of her. When Luce disappeared, after a long period of time, Reborn seems to still be worried about her and wonders about where she had disappeared to. They are close enough that Reborn understands what kind of actions she would take, which was shown when he knew of Uni's intention to sacrifice herself to revive the Arcobaleno, simply from the fact that she is very much like Luce.

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