Loyalty is the 215th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna and Genkishi clash as Tsuna uses his Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised. Absorbing Genkishi's Mist Flames, Tsuna states that he would start fighting for real. Tsuna and Genkishi clash again, Tsuna managing to inflict a cut on Genkishi's chin. As they circle each other, Tsuna lands an uppercut on Genkishi's chin, smashing him into the wall. Shoichi exclaims in shock at Tsuna's strength, and Spanner comments in shock that Tsuna was strong. However, Reborn stated that he felt no vividness in Genkishi's movements, saying that no matter how strong Tsuna may have gotten, he shouldn't have been able to defeat Genkishi to this extent.

Genkishi thinks that Tsuna's eyes brings back evil memories, ones that make his body go rigid. Genkishi remembers at one point where Byakuran stated he wanted evidence that Genkishi was loyal to him, and ordered him to bring the Mare Rings and the Orange Arcobaleno Pacifier from the Giglio Nero Famiglia as well as to annihilate the Famiglia. Genkishi agrees unhesitatingly. Later, as Genkishi staggered back with his fake wounds from his supposed lost battle with Superbia Squalo, Uni's eyes saw Genkishi's intention, rendering the latter unable to kill the Giglio Nero Famiglia. In the present, Genkishi then unleashes his Hell Ring, vowing to destroy Tsuna.

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