Longchamp's Home is the 46th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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At Tsuna's house, Reborn approaches Tsuna and asks him to infiltrate and destroy Longchamp's house, much to his surprise. Gokudera and Yamamoto then arrive to join Tsuna as he visits Longchamp's house. Haru, I-Pin and Lambo join them with Haru wanting to see her future husband at work. The group then arrives at Longchamp's house, which turns out to be an extravagant mansion. Reborn decides to send a scout first and tosses Lambo over the fence. At the other side of the fence, they hear Lambo screaming. Just then, the gate opens and they are welcomed by Longchamp and a pile of unconscious men. Longchamp explains that there has been an internal dispute and lets them come in.

As they walk through the house, the group hears Lunga scolding and beating up a fellow family member. The group then arrives at Longchamp's room which is full of boxes and junk. Tsuna realizes that Longchamp is a hoarder and that he shares the same mental age as Lambo. Meanwhile, Gokudera is planting some of his dynamites while Tsuna distracts Longchamp. Gokudera concludes that the house is badly built since it's swaying. However, it turns out that a girl is hidden underneath the junk and Lonchamp introduces her to everyone as his new girlfriend. She then leaves for work just as Mangusta arrives and scolds Longchamp for letting Tsuna and his friends enter. Just then, Reborn pulls out some gun and begins to destroy the house together with Gokudera. Everyone runs for it and comes face to face with Pantera who starts attacking Longchamp. As the group reaches the door, Lambo throws some of his grenades which helps destroy the house.

However, Longchamp and his men decide to visit Tsuna in order to stay there as they rebuild their house...

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