Limit is the 307th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Ryohei's Sunshine Uppercut seems to have defeated Kouyou. Reborn thinks that Kouyou's Killer Point Vision overheated due to the information from his eyes overloading his brain and stunning him momentarily. Ryohei thinks it's over but Kouyou reenters the ring, saying that he won't be done in by one punch. However, Kouyou is barely standing and is bleeding heavily causing Reborn to think that it's a battle that Kouyou will not accept to lose. Ryohei apologizes to Kouyou, stating he will defeat him with all his power. With both combatants' bodies heavily wounded, Reborn states that it will be a battle between the limit of the body and the limit of time, a race between Ryohei's body taking damage to his killer points as he charges his flames and Kouyou defeating him before his eyes overload.

Ryohei near the verge of collapse

Ryohei and Kouyou then charges at each other. Kouyou continues to attack Ryohei with his flame and punches, but Ryohei dodges his attacks. Kouyou is able to land an uppercut but Ryohei recovers and continues to attack. Kouyou then sees more of Ryohei's killer points and attacks him, breaking his bones in the process. As his companions begin to worry, Ryohei assures them that it's nothing. An irritated Kouyou continues to attack him in his killer points, causing Ryohei's Sun Flames to charge up to 90% power. Even though he is barely able to stand, Ryohei taunts Kouyou who charges at him, planning to finish him off. Kouyou's punch connects with Ryohei's body who grabs Kouyou for support as his Flame power charges up to 100%, and his Vongola Gear starts to shine with a dangerous amount of Sun Flames...

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