The Lightning Ring Battle is the second match of the Vongola Ring Conflict. It is the battle between the candidates for the title of Tenth Generation Vongola Lightning Guardian, Lambo and Levi A Than. The match took place in the Elettrico Circuit atop Namimori Middle School during a lightning storm.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

In order to gain the Vongola's Lightning Ring and the right to be the next generation's Lightning Guardian, Lambo and Levi A Than participate in the second round of the Ring Battle.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Battlefield

After the Cervello announce the start of the Lightning Ring Battle, Lambo steps in the Elettrico Circuit. As lightning hit the rods, Levi jumped and the lightning rod shocked Lambo . The Cervello checked if Lambo was still alive, but Levi A Than said that Lambo was dead. Suddenly, they heard Lambo's cry and Tsuna and the others were relieved that Lambo was alive.

Elettrico Cuoio

Reborn explained that since Lambo was hit by lightning several times, he has developed the Elettrico Cuoio, which absorbs lightning and puts it on the ground, like a lightning rod. Reborn said that there is no one worthy of being the Lightning Guardian except Lambo. Because of this, Levi was full of jealousy, attacking Lambo with his sword. Lambo then pulls out the Ten Year Bazooka and shoots himself. 15-year old Lambo then fought Levi. He used Elettrico Cornata. However, Levi used his ultimate technique, Levi Volta. Despite that Lambo has the Elettrico Cuoio, he still got hurt because of the too much voltage.

Electtrico Reverse

Levi pulls his sword and tried to thrust Lambo, but Lambo ran and jumped in the Ten Year Bazooka. It was then revealed that the Ten Year Bazooka can be used twice in a row. 25-year old Lambo appeared in front of everyone. He said that it had been a long time since he saw his Family, but then focused on the match. Levi used Levi Volta again and hit 20-year old Lambo; lightning also hit the Elettrico Circuit, multiplying the damage of Levi Volta. As Levi walks away, thinking that Lambo was dead, Lambo appeared as if he wasn't harmed. He then used Elettrico Reverse on the ground, stating that lightning was like a little kitten to him. He then saw the old horns of 15-year old Lambo. Levi struck one of the horns with his sword and was revealed that it was the same horn where Hayato wrote 'Stupid Cow". Iemitsu and Basil showed up and explained that the horns belonged to 25-year old Lambo and that they gave them to 15-year old Lambo. Lambo used Elettrico Cornata with red lightning and charged at Levi. Levi pulls his sword as he know that it has very short range, but Lambo stretched the lightning, making it into a mid-range attack. Levi remembers the time when Xanxus praised him and wished to be praised once more. As Lambo was about to defeat Levi, he returned to being 5 years old and was shocked by his own red lightning. It was revealed that even though he only appeared for a short while, his time limit is still 5 minutes, as the amount of time allowed to switch places started counting from the first use of the Ten Year Bazooka.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After Lambo was unconscious because he was struck by his own lightning, Levi shocked him. Tsuna panicked and asked Reborn what to do. As Levi was about to kill Lambo, Tsuna melted down one of the rods. Xanxus showed up and hits Tsuna. He tries to kill Tsuna and was stopped by the Cervello, but he injured one of the Cervello instead. He then smiled, which was said by Levi, 8 years since his last smile. Xanxus said that he will kill Tsuna, just like he did to the ninth, this puts Iemitsu and Reborn in worry. Because Tsuna interrupted the match, the Lightning and Sky ring were taken. Xanxus said that the other rings doen't matter anymore. But he still allowed the other matches to continue, but if Tsuna and the others lose, they will lose everything said by Xanxus. Levi then gave the Lightning ring to Xanxus but he refused and he told Levi that he will kil him if he does that again. With this, the Cervello announced the next battle, the Storm Ring Battle. The Varia then left the rooftop. Reborn told Iemitsu to go check out the ninth if he's okay, then he left. Tsuna and the others brought Lambo to a hospital. Shamal showed up in front of Hayato and said that he will have Hayato perfect his technique.

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