A Lightning Flame is one of the types of attributes of the Dying Will Flames of the Sky.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Unlike other Dying Will Flames, Lightning Flames are in many ways more similar to electricity than actual flames. They have a light green core with extremely sharp dark neon-green electricity-like "spikes". It forms round shapes around its source with the sharper parts violently thrashing about, similar to how electricity is often depicted in animated works. Also, when a Lightning Flame is "lit", a buzzing sound similar to that of electricity is heard instead of the common Flame sound, which is associated with fire.

Characteristic[edit | edit source]

To draw damage to himself and away from the rest of the Famiglia, serving as a lightning rod.

Reborn on the position of Lightning Guardian, Chapter 97

The Lightning Flame is known as the toughest flame due to its characteristic, Hardening. Lightning Flames can be employed to solidify and increase the firmness of objects. By themselves, the Flames can be used defensively by projecting a solid barrier and offensively by cutting like a sharp blade. It can also be used to electrocute like actual electricity.

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