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{{Infobox character
[[File:Fon's Partner.png|thumb|left|250px|Litchi]]
| name = Lichi
'''Litchi''' is the [[Arcobaleno Animal Partner|Animal Partner]] of the [[Storm Flame|Storm]] [[Arcobaleno]], [[Fon]]. It sits atop Fon's head.
| kanji = リーチ
| romaji = Rīchi
| image = [[File:Fon's Partner.png]]
| partner = [[Fon]]
| anime debut =
| manga debut =
'''Lichi''' is the [[Arcobaleno Animal Partner|animal partner]] of [[Fon]], the holder of the Red [[Arcobaleno Pacifier]].
== Appearance ==
Lichi is a red-faced white monkey that can normally be seen sitting atop Fon's head.
== Navigation ==
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