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|Flame = [[Lightning Flame|Lightning]]
|Flame = [[Lightning Flame|Lightning]]
|Status = Alive
|Status = Alive
|Date of Birth = November 14th
|Date of Birth = November 14th (Scorpio)
|Blood Type = A
|Blood Type = A
|Height = 193 cm (6'4")
|Height = 193 cm (6'4")

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Character Outline


Leviathan (レヴィ・ア・タン, Revi-a-tan), known as Levi for short, is an extremely loyal subordinate to Xanxus, so much that he only ever fights for his approval. Reborn said that once he chooses a target, whether it be a man, woman or child, he would beat them mercilessly. He is also extremely zealous, showing up extremely (2 hours) early to fights. It is said that his speed in accomplishing his work is the best in the Varia.


He is tall and heavyset with spiky black hair and lightning-shaped sideburns. In the future, he has a moustache.


Very little is known about his past before he joined the Varia. In a brief flashback, he was shown beating up some men while Xanxus watched. Levi participated in the Cradle Affair and remained in the Varia until Xanxus was freed.

Plot Overview

Varia Arc

After arriving in Japan, Levi sent his Lightning Strike Squad to hunt down the other owner of the Lightning Half Vongola Ring. However, they were stopped by Ryohei Sasagawa, Takeshi Yamamoto, and Hayato Gokudera. He later fought Lambo in the Lightning Ring Battle. Despite easily beating Lambo in both his present and teen self, Leviathan struggled when Lambo used his Ten Year Bazooka for a second time. However, the five minute time limit of the Bazooka's effect won him the match and it was only Tsuna's intervention that stopped him from killing Lambo. Later, during the Sky Ring Battle, Levi (along with the other Guardians) was incapacitated by the Death Hitter Poison. Xanxus was able to give him the antidote and he quickly attempted to kill Lambo; however, he was easily defeated by Gokudera.

Future Arc

Along with the rest of the Varia, Levi was present during the attack in Italy against the Millefiore. He and Lussuria split into a separate group to protect the castle while the others hunted the Funeral Wreath in command. Levi was badly wounded while fighting the enemy, but was healed by Lussuria.

Future Final Battle Arc

The Varia later arrived in Japan and rescued Lal Mirch, Gokudera and Gamma from the Six Funeral Wreaths. Levi, Lussuria, and Belphegor fought Bluebell and appeared to be killed. However, they were later revealed to be illusions created by Future Mukuro Rokudo. Later, along with everyone else present, Levi had his Dying Will Flames drained by Ghost.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Leviathan and the Varia in Japan

Leviathan first went with the Varia to France to recruit Flan. While there, he commented that M.M. was cute, but M.M. replied that if he wanted to go on a date with her, it would cost 10 billion. Later, Leviathan was seen walking in Japan along with the other main Varia members, with Dino watching them. The Varia and Dino stayed at the same hotel. When Dino invited Reborn and Tsuna to go there and have dinner with him, Belphegor kidnapped Tsuna and quickly ran into Varia's room, asking where Xanxus was. At that moment, Leviathan was naked and dancing because of the alcohol he had drunk.

He is last seen with the other Varia members when Tsuna thinks of the people he (Tsuna) can rely on.



Levi is highly devoted to Xanxus and constantly seeks his leader's approval, but Xanxus doesn't care much for him. Out of all the Varia, Levi's relationships with Belphegor and Fran are the most contentious, with the two younger members often making fun of his appearance and arguing with him. He expressed disappointment when Squalo narrowly escaped death in the future. Squalo had violently kicked him earlier in the arc and often yells at him, showing that the dislike is mutual. However, Levi does somewhat accept Squalo's authority over him, for example when Squalo kicked him and told him to stop fighting with the younger members, he did not attempt to fight back and simply said "Yes...sir...". Also, he told Mammon he does not wish to take the position of Xanxus' right-hand man, which is currently held by Squalo.

Lussuria is somewhat more tolerant of him, willingly healing him in the Future Arc and trying to mediate whenever Bel or Fran picks a fight with him. But in the interview segment, Lussuria called Levi annoying after Levi failed to understand his advice about Xanxus. Mammon has some respect for him; early in the Varia Arc, they were shown having a civil discussion and Mammon complimented Levi's work ethic.

He is the head of the Lightning Squad and his subordinates greatly respect him. In Haru Haru Interview, it was revealed that the Lightning Squad trio accompany him when he's trying to please Xanxus and even follow him into Xanxus' bedroom.

Weapons and Abilities

Super Levi Volta

  • Parabolas: Leviathan, carries eight sword-like umbrellas, each of which are capable of discharging electricity.
  • Levi Volta: Levi surrounds his opponent with all of the parabolas and discharges deadly electricity to the center.
  • Lightning Torpedo (Torpedine Fulmine): A Lightning-type Electric Ray that carries pikes on its back and can attach to the user's back. With them, Leviathan can use Super Levi Volta, a boosted form of Levi Volta.
  • Super Levi Volta: Leviathan used this in the battle of the Vongola against the Real Six Funeral Wreaths, but it was deflected by Bluebell's Barriera Medusa.
  • Lightning Lunge: An attack in which Leviathan coats one of his parabolas in Lightning Flames and thrusts it towards the target.


  • During the attack on the Millefiore Base, he wore a flag that said he didn't support the current Tenth.
  • It was said by Mammon that Levi is the clumsiest member of the Varia.
  • Levi thinks Xanxus is a fashionable guy because of the number of Varia uniforms.
  • A Leviathan is an aquatic monster. In the movie Atlantis, it is said to guard the city from intruders, as well as the symbolic demon of envy's name (see Varia, top).
  • Leviathan in the English language could also be defined as "the largest or most massive thing of its kind."
  • According to Peter Binsfeld's classification of the Seven Deadly Sins, Leviathan represents the sin of Envy.
  • His favorite food is kaminari okoshi.
  • Levi has a character song, Raigeki no Levi.
  • Similar to Gokudera, Leviathan is extremely loyal to his Boss, Xanxus.
  • It is stated in Vongola77 that he has the most number of alarm clocks in the whole Mafia. The exact number is 116 alarm clocks. The reason he gives for having so many is that 'in the Varia, if you don't wake up on time, you'll die'.


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