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Levi A Than,[1] also known as Levi, is an assassin working for the Varia, the independent assassination squad of the Vongola Famiglia.

Character Outline[]


He is tall and heavyset with spiky black hair and lightning-shaped sideburns. In the future, he has a mustache.


He is an extremely loyal subordinate to Xanxus, so much that he only ever fights for his approval. Reborn said that once he chooses a target, whether it be a man, woman or child, he would beat them mercilessly. He is also extremely zealous, showing up extremely (2 hours) early to fights. It is said that his speed in accomplishing his work is the best in the Varia. He's also easily susceptible to cute girls and shown to be easily flustered or dazed in their presence.

Weapons and abilities[]

Levi has good reflexes and physical strength. Even among the Varia executives, upon entry, he was above average.[3]

Super Levi Volta

  • Parabolas: Levi A Than, carries eight sword-like umbrellas, each of which are capable of discharging electricity.
  • Levi Volta: Levi surrounds his opponent with all of the parabolas and discharges deadly electricity to the center.
  • Torpedine Fulmine: A Lightning-type Electric Ray that carries pikes on its back and can attach to the user's back. With them, Levi A Than can use Super Levi Volta, a boosted form of Levi Volta.
  • Super Levi Volta: Levi A Than used this in the battle of the Vongola against the Real Six Funeral Wreaths, but it was deflected by Bluebell's Barriera Medusa.
  • Affondo Fulmine: An attack in which Levi A Than coats one of his parabolas in Lightning Flames and thrusts it towards the target.


  • Levi is actually quite smart; an elite that had attended a top-class college, he was prepared to become a professor.[3]
  • During the attack on the Millefiore Base, he wore a flag that said he didn't support the current Tenth.
  • It was said by Mammon that Levi is the clumsiest member of the Varia.
  • Levi thinks Xanxus is a fashionable guy because of the number of Varia uniforms.
  • Levi's name has multiple meanings:
    • A Leviathan is an aquatic sea monster referenced in the Hebrew Bible.
    • A Leviathan in the English language could also be defined as "the largest or most massive thing of its kind."
    • Like other members of the Varia, Levi is based off the Seven Deathly Sins. According to the Lanterne of Light and Peter Binsfeld's classifications, Leviathan is the demon of Envy.
  • His favorite food is rice cracker Kaminari Okoshi[4] (literally translated to "causes lightning/thunder")[1] and he likes porn sites.[2]
  • He dislikes things that could jeopardize his position[1] and his porn sites shutting down.[2]
  • Levi has a character song, Raigeki no Levi.
  • Levi is ranked first in having the most number of alarm clocks in the whole Mafia. The exact number is 116 alarm clocks. The reason he gives for having so many is that 'in the Varia, if you don't wake up on time, you'll die'.


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