Lesson is the 370th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna sees the un-cursed Reborn's suit and pistol, but still wonders who he is. Iemitsu Sawada, Lal Mirch, and Colonnello bang their heads in frustration as they see that Tsuna still doesn't know who it is. Reborn merely says his greeting, "Chaos". Lal Mirch and Colonnello reveal that Reborn's customary greeting before he was cursed into his Arcobaleno form was "Chaos", but when he was cursed, his vocal cords weren't developed enough to say the word; thus, he said "Ciaossu" instead. Reborn comments to Tsuna that since he didn't recognize him, "No-Good Tsuna" was a fitting nickname for him. Lal Mirch notes that Tsuna had no limit to his bone-headedness, but Colonnello wonders why Reborn doesn't identify himself.

Reborn, though, announces to Iemitsu that his opponent had changed to he himself, since he betrayed their alliance, which was something he wouldn't let go. Iemitsu seriously and nervously replies with a smirk that if he didn't win, he possibly wouldn't get out of the battle alive. Tsuna, still as clueless as ever, wonders if Reborn is Reborn's new representative. Reborn ignores Tsuna's statement and tells Tsuna to listen carefully, as he was going to say it only once. Reborn says to Tsuna that there were two things he lacked.

Iemitsu charges up for battle and throws a Sky Flame-enhanced punch to Reborn, but Reborn swiftly dodges and lands beside Tsuna. Reborn continues with his former statement, and tells Tsuna that he needed to acknowledge his opponent: in the previous battle's case, Iemitsu. Reborn tells Tsuna that when Iemitsu had left he and his mother, a "cheap pride" was born inside him, an arrogance as well. An arrogance that made Tsuna feel as if he could do anything, an arrogance that shows in every inch of Tsuna when he fights: dull attacks, tasteless moves. Reborn tells Tsuna that to beat Iemitsu, he couldn't go by it by thinking that he was better than him.

Reborn tells Tsuna that Iemitsu fought 100 times more battles and fought 100 times more caring than Tsuna, surprising Tsuna. Reborn abruptly jumps away and kicks Tsuna's head into the boulder behind him, telling him to pay attention. Reborn tells Tsuna that the second thing he lacked was Dying Will. Reborn tells Tsuna that recently, he had taken his abilities for granted and forgotten what true Dying Will was; true Dying Will was the feeling that your body was on the verge of breaking and to be were prepared to take on anything. Reborn dislodges Iemitsu's shoulder joints and slips past, and fires Chaos Shot at Iemitsu, hurtling him into the boulders behind. Lal Mirch notes that Reborn aimed for Iemitsu's carotid artery precisely. Reborn reminds Tsuna once more of the lessons he taught him and jumps away behind a boulder to return to his un-cursed form, leaving the fight to Tsuna. The child Reborn comes out and greets Tsuna, but Tsuna still doesn't realize who the un-cursed Reborn was and asks the cursed Reborn if he saw a tall man in a suit, Reborn replying in the negative.

Iemitsu, meanwhile, gets back up and challenges Tsuna once more. Reborn reminds Tsuna not to forget what that man (himself) told him. Tsuna enters Hyper Dying Will Mode and charges at Iemitsu, acknowledging that Iemitsu was stronger than him, but follows with a defiant thought: "So what?!" Tsuna tries to attack Iemitsu from behind, but Iemitsu dodges in time. Iemitsu throws a powerful punch at Tsuna, but Tsuna doesn't dodge it, taking it head on. Tsuna coughs up blood, but still shouts at Iemitsu that he wanted to defeat him. Tsuna slowly uses Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised to take Iemitsu's Dying Will Flames away, which Lal Mirch and Colonnello note with shock. Reborn watches with a smile and mentally tells Tsuna to show Iemitsu what his student was capable of.

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