Leonardo Lippi is the 168th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna walks nervously in the Vongola Base as the deadline for the battle against the Millefiore approaches. Tsuna decides to consult Lal Mirch for his training and finds her slumped against the wall. Tsuna quickly rushes up to her to check if she was all right, Lal replies that she was just feeling a bit dizzy. Tsuna decides to call someone to help but Lal Mirch refuses, saying that she will not be the weak link of the Vongola in the time of battle. Tsuna tells her not to overexert herself and that he did not like this sort of fight, Lal becomes angry at this, she informs Tsuna that it didn't matter if he liked the fight or not, if he stalled, many would die. She then gets up and leaves before Tsuna can reply.

Byakuran and Leonardo Lippi are in an office as Byakuran reveals Leonardo's true identity as Mukuro Rokudo, prompting Mukuro to drop his disguise, offended by the fact that Byakuran called him "part of the Vongola Famiglia". Mukuro then retorts that Tsuna was his target and nothing more. The two proceed to get into battle stance with Mukuro promising that he would uncover Byakuran's strength as well as possess his body later on.

Meanwhile, Tsuna is in the Vongola Base contemplating his next action while Lambo annoys him, forcing Tsuna to shout at him angrily. Tsuna, still angry, proceeds to tell Haru she knows nothing when she attempted to calm him down. Haru runs off crying with Lambo in her arms while Tsuna reflects on how horrible the things he had just said to Haru were, but before he can chase after Haru, he learns that Chrome's organs are failing, leading him to expect the worst of Mukuro.

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