Lenny is a cyborg and a member of the Macchina Famiglia.

Plot overview[edit | edit source]

He was sent by his Famiglia to assassinate Reborn so that they could prove that cyborgs were better hitmen. Lenny has a mean temper and flares up whenever someone mentions Reborn. He will beat anyone who knows of Reborn, such as Lambo and Tsunayoshi Sawada. When Reborn refused to fight Lenny and Manny, Lenny got angry because Reborn stated that he didn't fight inferior Famiglia mafioso.

Lenny's special ability is super-speed. When fused with Manny, he can give Manny his speed.

Lenny, while fused with Manny, was destroyed by Reborn's Arcobaleno Pacifier and Dying Will Bullet.

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