Lavina[1] was a skilled half-Japanese, half-Italian pianist whom Gokudera’s father had fallen in love with, and eventually had an affair with, resulting in the birth of Gokudera.

However, due to Mafia laws, Gokudera was taken away from her after his birth, and Gokudera was pronounced as a child of Gokudera's father and legal wife (and Bianchi’s mother). Lavina only saw him three days out of the year. Her future as a pianist was also ruined due to this affair.

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Gokudera inherits most of his looks from her; her facial features were similar to his and she had the same hair colour. She has mostly been shown wearing long, formal dresses.

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From what little has been shown of her, she seemed to be selfless and kind, as she did not want to burden Gokudera's father and showed a lot of care for her son.

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Kid Gokudera and his Mum

Lavina teaching her son how to play the piano

After Gokudera was born, due to the laws of the mafia, Gokudera was taken away from her immediately. However, she paid him visits whenever she was allowed, and even encouraged him to play the piano, but never revealed her identity to him. She states that his hands are soft and good for playing the piano. She also told Gokudera not to forget how beautiful his heart is.

During Gokudera’s third birthday, she was on her way to visit him with a birthday gift in hand, excited by the prospect of seeing her son; however, before she made it there, her car skid off of a cliff, resulting in her immediate death. Her car mysteriously fell off the road at an impossible place, and there were no signs of her brakes being used. The idea of her committing suicide was also eliminated as she had a present prepared in her car that shows that she was looking forward to that day.

Goku's Mum Refuses

Lavina refuses Gokudera's father's proposal

According to Bianchi, Gokudera’s father wanted to marry Lavina, but she refused, as she had a fatal illness which she knew would eventually lead to her death and did not want to trouble him. However, Gokudera’s father was determined to marry her, and tried to convince her until the end, even sending regular letters to her in the hopes of changing her mind. Bianchi also explained that Lavina died from the disease before the crash from falling off the cliff.

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Car Crash

The car crash that resulted in her death

Five years after her death, when Gokudera was eight years old, Gokudera overheard some of the maids talking about her, and it was then that he found out that the woman who visited him frequently was his mother. Upon learning the truth about his parentage, Gokudera ran away from home and began to grow more distant towards others, a trait which he still has, though not as much.

Gokudera initially believed that his mother had died by his father’s hand, and as such, began to hate him as well as the rest of his family. His distant and high-risk nature took root after this incident, and it was not until he met Tsuna that he began to open up to others again.

Later, after the final battle with Byakuran, Bianchi showed Gokudera love letters which their father had sent to his mother and explained the truth; however, too shocked by the sudden revelation, Gokudera refused to believe it. Understanding his reaction, Bianchi told him that he doesn't need to accept the truth soon, but wants him to remember that he is loved by both his parents. Before Gokudera could respond, they were interrupted by the crashing of Spanner's Anti-Byakuran Mosca.

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  • She has the same voice actor as Futa.

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