The Lancia Elettrica is a melee Lightning-attribute Weapon-type Box Weapon used by Dendro Chilum.

Dendro Chilum first used this against the Vongola's first infiltration group to the Merone Base.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Lancia Elettrica is a white conical spear with a cylindrical grip and pommel. The tip of the lance is hardened with Lightning Flames.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Since this lance is very large, there are few people that can use it properly. Because the Lightning Flames surrounding the lance possess offensive power, its reach is longer than it appears.

  • Corpo Electric Shock:[1] (電撃突き(コルポ・エレットリ・ショック), Corpo Erettoro Shokku?) Dendro charges up his Lancia Elettrica with Lightning Flames and then thrusts it at his target.
  • Triplo Corno Lancia:[2] A combination attack Dendro uses by sitting atop his Elettro Cinghiale and pointing the lance in the same direction as his Elettro Cinghiale's horns. He then charges at his enemy. This, added with the solidifying power of his Lightning Flame, results in an attack with high penetration power which can cause significant damage.

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