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Character Outline

Lancia has spiked out, slick black hair and dark circles under his eyes. He, so far, has not been seen without his gloves on. Despite being a homeless child when he was brought into a Mafia Family, he rose in ranks and was even called the Strongest Man in Northern Italy. When Mukuro Rokudo was also brought into the same Family, he was the one who looked after him.

Plot Overview

Kokuyo Arc

He appears after all the other members except Mukuro were defeated, Lanchia acts as a double for Mukuro. He defeats Yamamoto even after his Weapon's Ability was read. He was beaten by Tsuna before he could attack Bianchi. He has a good heart and Tsuna sees this in their fight. He tells Tsuna about his family and how they were all killed by his own hands cause he was being controlled by Mukuro. He was poisoned by Chikusa to keep quiet about Mukuro's plans and was arrested at the end of the Arc.

Varia Arc

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He appears at the end of the battles to help Tsuna. Although he has no more ties to Mukuro's gang, Mukuro asked Lancia's help in fighting for Tsuna. Lanchia thinks that he can sense Mukuro better than other people because of all the years he spent being possessed by him. After the battle, he stays at Tsuna's place for a while. During the end of his stay there, he leaves Tsuna with his former Boss's Ring. The Ring has a stone in it that looks as if it could emit Sky Flames (Its core is Orange). He then returned to Italy with Basil to begin visiting the Families of the people he killed to make amends.

Appearances in other media

He appeared along with Basil in the third volume of Hidden Bullet: Millefiore Panic. It tells about when he returned to Italy with Basil to make amends for the people of the Families he had killed.

Abilities and Weapons

  • His true strength is in his martial arts using the spiked knuckles on his fists and strong grappling.
  • He possesses a large metal ball called the Steel Serpent Ball (mace-like weapon). Due to the ball's snake-like engravings on the surface, it can track and redirect air currents that create a vortex, sucking in whatever is near, and allowing Lancia to change its rotation in mid-air.
    • Thousand Snake Fierce Domination - Centers the ball in front of him facing his enemy and hits it with one palm towards enemy.
    • Violent Snake Fierce Domination - The same as Thousand Snake but he throws the ball into the air giving it extra spin and hits with both palms adding more power.
    • Flying Snake Fierce Domination - The aerial version of Violent Snake Fierce Domination and the carvings from the air into a snake form.


  • He doesn't like sappy moments.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, he is referred to as Lan.
  • He has some kind of connections in Italy like Basil.
  • He refers to Tsuna as Vongola.
  • Lancia hasn't made an appearance in the Future Arc, but has been mentioned (Lancia's Ring is what allowed Tsuna, Gokudera, and Lal to be detected by a Mosca when they are transported to the Future).
  • Lancia's Boss Ring prevented Byakuran's "Mini White Dragon" attack from piercing Tsuna's heart.
  • Lancia's Boss Ring may be a Sky Ring due to the Orange core on the engravings on the Ring and the fact that it was in the possession of a Mafia Boss.

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