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Character Outline

Lampo (ランポウ, Ranpō) was the son of the Lord of the Land. He was very cowardly and spoiled, but Giotto made him fight anyway. He was known as the Lightning with hidden ferocity. He resembles fifteen-year-old Lambo, but is spoiled like five-year-old Lambo.


He is very spoiled and cowardly like Lambo, his cowardly side evidenced in Volume 34, where a side picture reveals that he was reluctant to help the Simon Famiglia during the massive Mafia war even when Giotto ordered him to out of fear. He also has shown to think highly of himself due to his position as son of the lord, like when he introduced himself to Lambo. He is also lazy when it comes to doing his duty as a Vongola Guardian; he refused to deem Lambo worthy before he even tested him until Giotto convinced him, and even then, he made Lambo's inheritance test easy just so he could finish his duty quickly. Ironically, he also stated that he disliked kids like Lambo and could not stand them while his character was such and in Drama CD, G. treated him like one, occasionally calling him a "brat".


Lampo has light green hair and electric blue eyes. He has a small black lightning bolt symbol near his right eye. Lampo wears a white flannel shirt that has leather ties around the wrists, and he also wears blue pants.

Plot Overview

Inheritance Succession Arc

Lampo Materializing From The Vongola Ring

Lampo appears from the Lightning Vongola Ring in front of Lambo, while Lambo was on the toilet

When Tsuna and his Guardians come back to the past to train before battling with Millefiore Famiglia along with Yuni, they summon Vongola Primo from the Vongola Ring, and were told that the First Guardians of Vongola will observe them henceforth to see if they are worthy to inherit the true power of Vongola or not. At night, he appears from the Lightning Vongola Ring in front of Lambo while Lambo was on the toilet at the same time as the other Guardians.

Lampo Bumming Out

Lampo during the Inheritance Test

He commented on why the Decimo Lightning Guardian is a "little cow boy", much to Lambo's anger, then disappeared in irritation.

At first, Lampo refused to even waste his time testing Lambo, stating that he was a snotty brat, but Giotto found him and made sure that he did his duty, to which Lampo replied that he "can't say no to you, Primo." During Lambo's test, he hid inside a castle inside the amusement park, and the only objective was for Lambo to acquire three stamps and go to him. This shows his obvious distaste for Lambo and the fact that he had not been prepared beforehand, as stated by Reborn; however, Verde's interference made this a more difficult task as he had shocked Lambo with an electrical charge and sent robots after them. When Lambo, along with Tsuna, eventually reaches the castle, Lampo rejects Lambo at first because the required stamp was on Lambo's butt and not on the paper, but then agrees to accept Lambo on the grounds that Lambo had fulfilled his role as the Guardian of Lightning by acting as a lightning rod for the entire family and taking the damage onto himself and after witnessing Lambo's furious lightning bolts. After the explosion in the castle caused by Lambo reviving and randomly tossing his grenades, Lampo reappears on the roof of the castle and declares that he "still hates brats."

Later, at Namimori Shrine, he along with other the Guardians and Primo meet to discuss the trials so far and the one that was yet to come. All of them look worried since the next trial would be Daemon Spade's succession test. At Kokuyo Land, he, along with Giotto and the other guardians, were watching Daemon's trial from afar.

After Daemon's trial ended, he, along with the other Guardians and Giotto, returned to the Vongola Rings.

Future Final Battle Arc

Lampo Appears Before Lambo

Lampo appears before Lambo

While Tsuna fought Byakuran, he appeared, along with Giotto and the other Guardians from the Vongola Rings after witnessing Tsuna's resolve.

Weapons and Abilities

Lampo's Shield : The original shield was somewhat wok-like black shield, while the cambio forma shield consists of two horns and the Roman Numeral I in the middle. It also forms a helmet with the Lightning Crest in the middle and two rings encircling his own horns. This form has incredible defensive abilities and can also fire out intense bursts of Lightning called Corna Fulmine (lit. Lightning Horn).


  • Lampo's hair color is the same as his Flame, Lightning.
  • When Lampo appeared to tell Lambo it is his turn, Tsuna mistook him for Future Lambo.
  • On some merchandise, Lampo is spelled "Lampow"; however, this has been deemed a spelling mistake.
  • Future Lambo and Lampo share several similarities:
    • They both think highly of themselves.
    • They are both very spoiled, cowardly and lazy.
    • They both keep their right eye closed.
    • They both are the youngest Guardians of their generation.
    • They both have the same seiyu, Tsuda Kenjirō.
    • They both have fondness for sweets, especially candies.
    • Lampo's relationship with G. is similar with Lambo's relationship with Gokudera as shown in the Drama CD: Proof of Friendship, where G. constantly smacks or punches Lampo whenever he is annoyed at him and treating him like a brat.
    • Both have a habit of ending their sentences with some variation of "da mou ne", Lambo-"da mou ne", Lampo-"da mono ne".
    • Both cannot decline to their Bosses' requests (Tsuna and Giotto, respectively).
    • Both have a tattoo under their eyes; Lampo has a lightning bolt under his right eye, whereas Lambo has a "#" sign under his left eye.
    • They can both use Lampo's Shield.
  • The main thing that makes a difference between Lampo and Lambo is how their respective bosses treat them on a fight; Giotto forces Lampo to fight, even in the frontlines; instead, Tsuna always refuses any idea to make the 5-year-old Lambo involved in a fight even in the name of Vongola due to Lambo's young age. It is unknown if this protection still occurs ten years in the future, however adult Fuuta stated that that aspect of Tsuna didn't change.
  • The name Lampo is Italian for "flash" or "lightning".


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