Lampow's Shield is the 196th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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The explosion created by the final blows by Gokudera and Zakuro could be felt all the way to the location where Tsuna and his group were hiding. Everyone seems worried about their friends' safety. Kyoko tries to reassure herself that Gokudera's group were fine, by asking Tsuna, but even he seems unsure this time.

Zakuro Loses An Arm

Zakuro loses an arm

Reborn adds to the grim mood by stating that, judging by the size of the explosion, neither party would walk away unscathed. The smoke slowly clears in the battle zone to reveal a completely devastated area. The tree's had all been burnt down, the entire area was burnt to a crisp. Zakuro is slowly shown, and due to the power of their previous attacks he had lost an arm. Gokudera too, wasn't in great shape as he had collapsed due to exhaustion and injury. He uses the last of his strength to aim his bow at Zakuro, wanting to finish him off before another blow could be dealt. As he pulls the string of his bow, to his horror, he's attacked by a Rain Class Weapon.

Basil Group

Basil's Group lie in wait

Bluebell slowly descends, taunting Zakuro all the way. She surveys the chaos before her, and happily taunts the fallen Vongola members.

Zakuro insists that she leave, wanting to finish the battle by himself. Bluebell scoffs at him, pointing to his current state. She refuses to wait for Zakuro to heal, and launches another stinging attack at the fallen Vongola.

Elsewhere, Basil's group see explosions going on in the distance. They seem worried about their colleagues safety, but know that they have their own job to worry about. At that moment Basil detects a hostile presence.

Tsuna Reluctantly Agrees

Tsuna reluctantly agrees to stay back

As this presence gets closer, the tension rises as they start to notice it one by one. Back at the camp site, Tsuna's group had seen the recent explosions as well. Since the noise had now dimmed down, they realize that the battle is probably over, with one side unable to go on. Tsuna, worried about his friends, wanted to go help them, but he is immediately stopped by Reborn, who reminds Tsuna about his own responsibilities. Tsuna, reluctantly stays back.
Bluebell Released

Bluebell Released

Back at the battlefield, after Bluebell's recent assault, none of the Vongola are able to move. Bluebell happily proclaims that its time to end some lives before opening her Shonisauro Pioggia. A blue light envelops the surroundings, and out comes the transformed Bluebell.

Bluebell had merged with a Shonisaurus. She grows a tail and fins to give her a mermaid type look. Bluebell prepares to finish off the Vongola, however, Zakuro complains that he did the majority of the work, and deserves to be the one to end it. Bluebell makes a compromise, suggesting that they attack together. Zakuro agrees to this. Bluebell prepares her special attack, Bomba Ammonite, as Zakuro fires up his Storm Flames.

Varia Arrives!

The Varia Arrives!

They both release their attacks at the same time. Gokudera watches helplessly as the attacks draw nearer. He realises that the end is near, and thinks back to the promise he made Tsuna before he left. He silently apologizes for not being able to keep his promise.

Suddenly a Liger roars, petrifying Bluebells attack, and a Torpedine Fulmine neutralizes Zakuro's attack. Bluebell and Zakuro stare shocked as the very groud trembles, and out from the smoke emerges some familiar faces. A deadly voice comments on the battle at hand. The Varia have arrived.

Familar Sight

A familiar confrontation

Gokudera, now supported by Belphegor, seems shocked at what he see's. Xanxus has a message for Tsuna. He states that as Vongola IXth's Independent Assassination Unit, they, the Varia will assist the holders of the Vongola Rings.

Gokudera, still in shock, asks Xanxus if they were here to help them. Bel, who up till now was supporting Gokudera, drops him, mocking his defeat. Uri and the Storm Mink get into a confrontation of their own, as Lussuria notes that the pets get along just as well as their masters. Lussuria inquires about Squalo. Gokudera, remembering Squalo's sacrifice, announces in a hush voice, that Squalo was defeated, and Yamamoto went to look for him.

3 Attack

The Wreaths vs the Varia begins

The Varia, however merely smirk at the thought of Squalo being dead. Lussuria rejoices at the idea of being made the next strategy captain, Bel enjoying the thought of taking it easy, Xanxus merely smirks, and Levi A Than, as always, copies Xanxus.

Bluebell seems confused at the arrival of the new combatants. Zakuro explains to Bluebell, who the Varia are, and prepares to, as he puts it, finish them off.

Xanxus, dares them to try as he fires up his Flame of Wrath. Gokudera tries to warn Xanxus about Byakuran's use of the parallel worlds. Xanxus however, ignores him, and fires his Flame.

Group Being Healed

Gokudera's group being healed

The battle between the Varia and the two Wreaths commence.

The explosions from the newly commenced battle could be heard right up to the camp site. As the group became worried, Gokudera contacts Tsuna. He lets Tsuna know about the Varia's arrival, and passes on Xanxus's message. He assures Tsuna not to worry as, with the Varia there to help, things just got a lot easier on them. Tsuna takes heart at this new revelation, but now looks towards the lakeside, wondering how Basil's group are.

Kikyo Unaffected

Kikyo unscathed

As Basil's group keep watch, they spot Cloud Class Flames coming over the distance. They immediately realise that the person heading towards them, was none other than Kikyo.

As soon as Kikyo gets close enough, he's attacked by a barrage of Dark Slicers launched by Nosaru and Tazaru. Once the attacks hit, they attempt to finish it off with a few rounds from their Dark Scythes. They seem confident that their attacks would have done the trick. However, Cloud Flames emerge from the smoke, and out comes a completely unscathed Kikyo.

Basil and Ryohei decide to take over the fight, but Tazaru rejects the idea, pointing out their own injuries plus a kid, Lambo.

Nuvola Velociraptor

An Army of Velociraptors

Lambo proclaims that he is the strongest in the universe, further proving Tazaru's point of Lambo's childish nature. Ryohei and Basil state that they have no intention of letting Lambo fight, and that they would try to take Kikyo out before anything could happen. Lambo takes offense at this, and states that he'll be the one to take Kikyo out. Kikyo, laughs of this statement, asking the group whether they really thought that numbers would be enough to defeat him. He points out that the only reason that they hadn't brought in more people into the battle, was because they were more than enough to handle the Vongola. Kikyo takes out his Box Weapon, stating that this would be all that he needed to take care of them and opens it. From the box emerges an army of Velociraptors.

Vongola Struggle

The group struggle to cope with Kikyo's Box Animals

The group seem taken aback by, not only the Box Animal, but the number of them that emerged. One of the raptors takes out Nosaru immediately. Ryohei goes on the offensive and unleases a barrage of punches at these prehistoric animals, but to his shock, the raptor he was attacking dodged all his punches. Kikyo, enjoying the moment, explains that the Velociraptors were known for their excellent agility, sharp minds, and their most deadly weapon, their claws. The group keeps getting pushed back by these deadly animals, as Kikyo proclaims that they don't have a chance of victory.

On the other side, the Varia are matching the two Wreaths step for step. The Varia are able to counter all of the two Wreaths' techniques, while Gokudera, Lal and Gamma are getting healed.

Back at the camp site, Tsuna regrets having let Lambo take part in the battle. Reborn tells Tsuna not to worry about it, and reminds Tsuna of the conversation they had the previous night where Reborn convinced the group to have Lambo take part in the battle. As an extra assurance, Reborn told Ryohei how to unleash Lambo's hidden resolve.

At the lakeside battle, Lambo gets hit by one of the Raptors, and is about to be eaten by another. However Tazaru saves him, while cursing the group for letting a child into the battle.

Lampo's Shield

Lambo's Cambio Forma, Lampow's Shield

Ryohei recalls his conversation with Reborn and begins to taunt Lambo. He asks Lambo if he doesn't want to see Tsuna's mama anymore. The look in Lambo's eyes change, he soon begins to cry and takes out his Vongola Ring and Vongola Box Weapon. He cries out for Tsuna's mum as he opens his Box, and out comes Gyudon who immediately starts to undergo Cambio Forma.

Corna Fulmine

Lambo defeats the Velociraptors

Kikyo and the rest of the group watch as Gyudon transforms into the weapon of the First Generation Guardian of the Lightning Ring, Lampow's weapon, Lampow's Shield.

Kikyo shrugs off the change, admitting his curiosity about the Cambio Forma, and his disappointment at the result. Basil seems relieved, that even if Lambo cant attack, he could at least defend himself. Ryohei, however states that the lightning box isn't that weak. He says that although it appears as a shield at first glance, its actually hiding a powerful offensive power.

The shield suddenly glows, and Lambo still crying over Tsuna's mum, unleashes a deadly attack that pierces the surrounding Velociraptors with thin, arrow like lightning bolts, successfully defeating them.

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