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*His Boss felt honored and cried tears of joy when he was invited to join the Vongola Family.
*His Boss felt honored and cried tears of joy when he was invited to join the Vongola Family.
*He is the only character with no wins in battles.
*He is the only character with no wins in any battle.
*His catchphrase is "ka ma n" (gotta stay calm) which he says before he cries.
*His catchphrase is "ka ma n" (gotta stay calm) which he says before he cries.
*Lambo can only light his Flame when he is angry, sad, or homesick.
*Lambo can only light his Flame when he is angry, sad, or homesick.

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Character Outline

Lambo (ランボ, Ranbo) is voiced by Junko Takeuchi (Child) and Kenjirou Tsuda (Adult). He is a 5-year-old hitman; although, he often refers to himself as Lambo-san affiliated with the Bovino ("Bovino" means "Cattle" in Italian) Famiglia. He is the Vongola Lightning Guardian. He was born in Italy on May 28 and has a blood type of A. His main choice of Weapons are hand grenades, and his Future dream is to rule the world. Lambo dresses in a cow suit, complete with a tail, and has a huge afro with horns on the sides of his head which gives him the appearance of a bison. He comes to Japan to kill Reborn, so he can prove that he is worthy of becoming his own Family's Boss. However, he is a complete crybaby and is no match for Reborn.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

For the most part of the Daily Life Arc, Lambo tries to kill Reborn several times without much success. At the same time, he befriends Tsuna's Mom and is soon a common staple around the Sawada household, much to Tsuna's annoyance.

Varia Arc

File:Lightning Ring.jpg
During the Ring Tournament, Lambo is chosen to be the holder of the Ring of Lightning. He participates in the Lightning Ring Battle. During his battle with Leviathan, he is shown to be able to use the Ten-Year Bazooka twice in a row, switching with his 25-year-old self. However, he ends up losing the fight due to the short time-limit of the Bazooka's effects. Just as he was about to be finished off, Tsuna saved him but ended up losing his ring along with
Lambo frm 20 yrs

25 Year Old Lambo

Lambo's as a result. Lambo remains in critical condition afterward, but is forcibly made to participate in the Sky Ring Battle in which Leviathan tried to finish him off before being stopped by Gokudera.

Future Arc

Adult Lambo

15 Year Old Lambo

Along with the other Guardians, Lambo was brought into the Future in the place of his Future self. Kusakabe later brought Lambo, along with I-Pin and Chrome, to the Melone Base. He later recieved a Vongola Box along with the other Guardians.

Inheritance Succession Arc

Lambo Worthy

Lambo receiving Lampo's Power

Lambo was the second to be tested by the First's Guardians, the first being Yamamoto. His trial took place at the amusement park, where the only objective was to reach Lampo, who was hiding in the castle, and give him a paper stamped with three rides he had been on. However, Verde, who was meant to be Lambo's tutor, instead interfered with the trial as he was curious about Lambo's mysterious power to be unaffected by electric shocks. On the first ride, Verde spun the teacup Lambo and Tsuna were riding in so fast that it was a blur, so that he could analyze Lambo's body structure. On the second ride, Verde shocked the car Lambo was riding in to test how much energy Lambo could withstand, deducing that it was enough to power the whole of Namimori. Finally, during the third place they went to, Verde sent robots after Lambo in order to capture him for his horns, which caught the electric like a lightning rod. However, Lambo's extreme release of energy destroyed the machine Verde was riding in and sent a knocked-out Lambo and Tsuna flying directly into the castle where Lampo was waiting. They had recieved the three stamps; however, Lampo declared that he could not accept Lambo as the third stamp was on Lambo's butt, but then retracts his statement as Lambo had done the duty of the Guardian of Lightning, which was to take all the damage directed onto the Family onto himself and act as a lightning rod, after which he approves of Lambo and sends a minature Lightning Flame into Lambo's Vongola Box, after which Lampo disappears.

Choice Arc

Gokudera was supposed to teach Lambo how to use his Weapon, but during training, Lambo in a fit of rage, opened his Vongola Box Weapon.

After the Choice battle, Lambo was tied up so that Torikabuto could impersonate him and get closer to Yuni. Later the group split up and Lambo along with Ryohei, Basil, Tazaru and Nosaru encounter Kikyo. Ryohei then used the memory of Tsuna's mother to get Lambo to release his Lightning Vongola Box. After destroying Velociraptor di Nuvola, he falls asleep due to loss of strength.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

He was grouped with Rauji to patrol Namimori Park to protect Tsuna.

Abilities and Weapons

  • Hand Grenades - Lambo has hand Grenades in his afro and uses them at anyone when he is angry.
  • Horn - The horn can store electricity and release it when Lambo is very angry like furious bolt of lightning.
  • Ten-Year Bazooka - This switches the target with their own self from ten years later for five minutes. Every time Lambo loses his cool, he uses it on himself, switching with his 15-year-old self.
  • Elettrico Cuolo - Due to being struck by Lightning so many times, Electricity passes right through Lambo with almost no harm to him.
  • Thunder Set - Adult Lambo summons Lightning and stores them into his horns to use the collected volts to Attack.
  • Elettrico Cornata - After using Thunder Set, Lambo (15 yrs) can then charge his opponent in an Attack called Elettrico Cornata, though he often misses his opponent, or has been counter-Attacked because of its short reach. When Lambo is 25 yrs old he can use the Elettrico Cornata perfectly and can even use the Electricity in his horns and give it the shape of a blade which makes up for some of its short range.
    Lambo's box weapon

    Lambo's Box Weapon

  • Elettrico Reverse - Lambo stores his collected volts and release it into the ground. So far only Lambo's 25-years old self can use this Technique.
  • Vongola Lightning Buffalo - A Lightning Buffalo named Gyuudon that Lambo can ride. It is the largest of all the Vongola Box Weapons and has the Ability to fire massive amounts of Lightning.
    File:Ranpou's shield.jpg
  • Cambio Forma: Lampo's Shield (Lampo is Italian for Flash): Gyuudon takes the form of armor and a Shield that covers Lambo's body. The Shield has two horns like Lambo's and the Roman Numeral I in the middle. It also forms a helmet on Lambo with the Lightning Crest in the middle and two Rings encircling his own horns. This form has incredible defensive Abilities and can also fire out intense bursts of Lightning called Corna Fulmine (lit. Lightning Horn).

Win/Loss Battle Record


  • His Boss felt honored and cried tears of joy when he was invited to join the Vongola Family.
  • He is the only character with no wins in any battle.
  • His catchphrase is "ka ma n" (gotta stay calm) which he says before he cries.
  • Lambo can only light his Flame when he is angry, sad, or homesick.
  • He is the youngest out of Tsuna's 6 Guardians.
  • Child Lambo frequently refers to himself in 3rd person.
  • The night, before the Lightning Ring Battle, Adult Lambo appeared and told Tsuna about the Parallel Worlds in accordance that Adult Lambo had no memories of the Ring Battle telling Tsuna he could have been from a world where there wasn't a battle.
  • Lambo's favorite foods are grapes, octopus balls, and gumdrops.
  • According to Fuuta, Lambo is the world's most annoying Mafia member as well as the first when it comes to people wanting to kill him and use him as a seat cushion.
  • Lambo only ever uses the 10-Year Bazooka on accident or whilst in a temper tantrum. Ironically, he states that the Bovino Boss told him not to use the 10 Year Bazooka, even though he uses it often.
  • 15 year-old Lambo resembles Bianchi's ex-boyfriend, Romeo; Bianchi mixes the two up and often attacks 15 year-old Lambo.
  • 5 year-old Lambo is the first to open his Vongola Box correctly.
  • Both Child and Adult Lambo resemble the First Vongola Guardian of Lightning in both looks and manners.
  • Adult Lambo, Spanner, and Lampo have the same Seiyu.
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